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How to Monitor Your Adults Only Website

Website Monitoring

Monitoring your 18+ website is a must.

If the server goes down, customers can’t log in to your site when they’re feeling frisky. If that happens, you lose business.

It’s more than just your reputation on the line when it comes to site uptime. It’s cold, hard cash.

Make sure your customers have the experience they’ve been fantasizing about when they visit your adults only website by using one of the following services to monitor your site, today.

Free Monitoring Services for Your Adults Only Website

If you’ve got a website for the 18+ crowd, you can’t afford to miss these free tools that show you how to monitor your site, ensuring it runs more smoothly than well-oiled anal beads.

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot can monitor up to 50 of your porn sites for free. Hooray! This is a big win for the porntrepreneur and a feature that sets Uptime Robot aside from the competition.

The application was started by two developers who believe the internet should be a cheap place.

Cheap as in “not costly”, not cheap as in “sleazy”. But hey, tomato to-mah-to. Sounds like a philosophy we can all get behind.

This tool does routine checks of your site header’s status codes every five minutes. If it finds errors and attempts bug fixes. If it’s unsuccessful the program notifies you ASAP, so you can work quickly to solve the issue.

Internet Seer

Internet Seer boasts its status as the largest internet monitoring service with over 1.5 million websites in its charge. With a client base that large, it’s safe to say they won’t judge you for your lifestyle choices.

The program checks your site every hour sending alerts via SMS, email, fax or even pager! Apparently, Internet Seer has also invented time travel.

Internet Seer offers weekly analytic reports to those who use the service.


BasicState is another free monitoring service that offers the option of reporting. This tool does regular checks every 15 minutes and notifies via SMS or email if there is a problem. Daily uptime reports can show a two-week history.


A big name in monetized monitoring services, Pingdom offers a free account with basic features. These include monitoring only one site, but with the use of an iPhone app for adult website entrepreneurs on the go.

Wrap It Up

Sometimes monitoring server uptime get’s lost in the shuffle of technological to-do’s unique to adult websites.

At the top of this to-do list, often you find things like promoting membership sites and facing down obstacles of 18+ SEO. These obstacles, unique to adults only sites, include finding vendors who are comfortable working with “sin brands”, and promoting a website without backlinks on traditional sites.

Challenges like these often take precedence over website monitoring.

But monitoring your site is just as important. It ensures your adult products and services reach thirsty customers, and that the customer experience is a good one.

For more tips and tricks that will help you run a successful e-Commerce business, visit our blog here. And in the meantime, keep it sexy!