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Server Monitoring Service

This is a short guide to choosing a Server Monitoring Service.

I know the typical story, it’s happened to me.

One day I walked into a business of mine and was talking to one of the customers. They asked me if my website was working. I said, "I think so?", why do you ask?"

They then explained that they had a friend sitting by their computer, all ready to buy. When our customer went to show them our website, our site was down.

Had we known about this, we would have gotten on the phone with the server company, and would not have lost that new customer.

Web services, even the supposed perfect Amazon cloud, are still riddles with vulnerabilities. Earlier this year, for over two days, a myriad of websites crashed due to an isolated electrical storm on the east coast. The big guys were not immune to this. It even brought down Instagram, and Pinterest.

Server monitoring services, when you consider the level of technology behind them, are surprising affordable. You can get SMS alerts, email alerts, and any other kind of communication you can imagine to alert you that your site is down. The bottom line is that you need is a service that can monitor your website and let you know if it’s running or if the site is down.

Siteuptime has been in the business of monitoring websites for over a decade. We spare no expense in upgrading our technology and our own servers so that we know when you site is up or we know when your site is down, and we are able to quickly make you aware of that fact. Our backend technology is unparalleled, and we spare no expense to stay on top of it.

Many of the sites that you’ll come across on the internet that are selling server monitor services are simply resellers, and affiliates, for other companies. In fact, you might actually be buying our services when you buy from one of our competitors. One more thing you want to check when choosing a company is finding one that not only monitors your actual servers but is also monitoring your DNS. This part can get a bit tricky, so again you want to check the backend technology and make sure they are running a tight ship, and have been in the web server uptime business for a long time.

I encourage you to give us a phone call and ask us the tough technical questions- if you’ve got any. Or just sign up for our free website monitoring trial offer of our services.

Quick note: One quick way to check the age of a server monitoring service company is to go to a site like whois.fc, enter the domain name of the site and see when the domain name is first registered.

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