Email to SMS Update:

Starting July 31, 2024 our email provider will no longer be supporting Email to SMS as an option. It is against their policies as telecommunications carriers do not allow commercial messages to be sent in this manner. Emails sent to addresses like will no longer be sent / delivered. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need any assistance setting up SMS alerts and purchasing credits as an alternative please let us know at


13-Sep-2023: Several major internet backbone providers are having issues today. It's affecting our monitoring and access to both our website and dashboard. The alerts are likely not because your hosting server is down. Rather, the checks are timing out in between our servers and yours due to the backbone issues. However, this also means some visitors won't be able to reach the website(s) depending on the route taken. We apologize for the inconvenience.

09-Aug-2023:One of our providers, Digital Ocean, had an outage today that affected multiple regions. This resulted in a system back log for all our servers. Customers received numerous false alarms and could not access our website nor their dashboard for a period of time. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

07-May-2023: Starting May 6 we failed to send email alerts to customers due to a change made by our mail sever provider Sendgrid. They made an update requiring connections through TLS 1.2 only. We discovered the issue around 10:20 am PDT May 7 and applied an immediate fix. Afterwards queued emails started being delivered. The issue should be fully resolved now. We are very sorry for this failure on our part.

19-Apr-2023: Our ability to send SMS alerts is not working. We are investigating the issue and hope to have a resolution soon. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

20-Jun-2022: One of our primary providers, Cloudflare, had an outage last night that affected our website and our ability to monitor other websites correctly. We apologize for any false alarms you may have received as a result.

09-Dec-2020: We enabled some new location IP addresses. More details can be found here and on our FAQ page.

01-Dec-2020: We moved over our last group of customers to a new server.

17-Nov-2020: We have switched to our new check locations for all customers. The location IP addresses have also changed.

21-Sep-2020: We moved our website and primary server to a new host. There should not be any negative effects to customers. However, if you notice any issues please let us know at

If you are using a custom sub-domain for your Public Status Page the new IP address to point the CNAME to is

30-Aug-2020: Earlier this morning there were connectivity issues with some of the major internet backbone providers. This caused the alerts to be sent to most customers. It was likely that many visitors could not reach your website(s) during this time. Most of the large data centers / server providers have status messages about this incident. The issues appear to be resolved now for the most part. However it appeared to affect large sections of the internet and was outside of our control.

15-Apr-2020: Between about 6:15am and 10:20am EDT some monitoring checks for a small subset of users were not processed as scheduled. This issue has now been resolved and checks are running as expected.

12-Feb-2020: We sent out false alarms to about 170 customers starting at 1 am PDT and ending at 11 am PDT. These alerts incorrectly stated their websites were down but they were actually up. The issue was caused by server moves and a dropped database table.

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