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One of our website was down today and we were notified instantly by SiteUptime. This helped us resolve the issue and have the site up and running in less than one hour. As soon as the website went back up, we were instantly notified by SiteUptime. We are very satisfied! Thank you!
Mariia Les

We heavily rely on SiteUpTime.com to keep track of our customers websites. Whenever one of our customer's sites go down we get an email from SiteUpTime alerting us. This allows us to fix and solve the issue as fast as possible.
Their monthly status reports are an excellent way for us to make sure we are offering our customers the service they expect. Thanks SiteUpTime!
- Steve, SimpleTix.com

Just setup my advanced account and couldnt be any happier I know my server is online and stable all the time thanks to site uptime keep up the good work Guys and I'd recommend using siteuptime to any one. - Paul, Spire Hosting

SiteUptime has provided us with the greatest website monitoring service in the market. Every service provided by SiteUptime has been phenominal, such as quick contact if our website is down, 100% accurate reports, fast support, and a whole lot more. After utilizing SiteUptime services, I can't see us ever looking elsewhere. - Steve, Precision Effect

I've been using a free account for sometime and it helped me a lot. Amazing service! I'm happy today to upgrade to premium account and get option of the 5 min. check intervals. Thank you for great tool! - Lev K, VFXY Inc.

Since we came across SiteUptime.com, we have not looked back. The website monitoring SiteUptime provides is an outstanding service at an equally outstanding price. We have every aspect of our servers monitored with our Premium level account with monitoring intervals of 5 minutes. If any issue arises with our servers, SiteUptime notifies us instantly, allowing us to address the issue quickly and efficiently. We have found SiteUptime an invaluable service, and the best website monitoring service we have seen yet. Keep up the great work SiteUptime! - Elliot, Incognito Networks

I myself have just signed up to this service as a friend of mine had passed me onto this service and since being with this service I have found it to be a great asset as it will help determine if my website is down as I host others website also. So thank you for bringing us a great site monitoring program. - James T.

I've only just registered but this looks to be a fantastic service. My host provider is not publishing my sites uptime so now I can find out for myself and challenge them on it if it's not up to par. - Steve Callen

Your service is great, I love being able to ensure that my site is available to my customers! I have recommended your services to many of my friends, keep up the great work! - Stephen M.

I just want to say thanks for your terrific service. My ecommerce site needs to be available 100% of the time and when it isn't, I need to know. - David C, Logix Systems

I just want to say thanks for your great free service. I've been screwed by a number of "low cost" hosting companies so this time around I'm going to use your service to monitor prospective hosts. And if I ever actually start making money I will be upgrading to your premium services! Thanks Guys! - D. C.

SiteUptime is such a great site, I can't stop raving about your service to all my friends who have website's. Thanks for all the help! - Tara K.

I can't believe that you provide this service free of charge. I was using NetMechanic services but yours are better and I don't have to pay a dime!. - Jon T.

After signing up for your service I didn't expect much since it was free but I can't believe how useful your uptime stats are. Thanks so much. - Katy E.

We would like to thank you for providing this excellent service with a minimal price. Your tools are intuitive and simple for a non-technical users. Now we will know the status of our site from an email away. - Ed Lim, aGreenSupply.com

Siteuptime.com is of critical importance to our Hosting business. We run more than 200-300 websites, all of which have some form of eCommerce running on them 24/7. If our servers goes offline, We need to know about it as soon as possible in order to mitigate the error. With Siteuptime.com's monthly service our company has the peace of mind, knowing that we will be alerted to any downtime on any of our servers and other services. - Ehraz Ahmed, CEO of Clixa.in Hosting Solutions

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