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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. questionCan I use Email to SMS for alerts?
    Starting July 31, 2024 our email provider will no longer be supporting Email to SMS as an option. It is against their policies as telecommunications carriers do not allow commercial messages to be sent in this manner. Emails sent to addresses like 13334445555@sms.carrierdomain.net will no longer ...

  2. questionHow is the average response time measured?
    The Average Response Time (per day for example) is an average of the individual response times measured during that day. So each time we check your web site (or URL) we record the time it takes for the server to respond to our request. This is the first byte response time. Then we average that ...

  3. questionWhat IP's do you use for your monitoring locations?
    The following IP addresses are used by our monitoring locations. If you use a firewall, or need to allow our locations to access your server, please use these IP's. For any failed check, we verify the failure with a randomly selected alternate location. So we recommend that you whitelist all of ...

  4. questionWhat location codes should I use for the API?
    Code Check Location sf United States, San Francisco da United States, Dallas ny United States, New York to Canada, Toronto ln United Kingdom, London sg Singapore, Singapore sp Brazil, Sao Paulo au Australia, Sydney tj Japan, Tokyo fr Germany, Frankfurt am Netherlands, Amsterdam ba India, Bangalore

  5. questionWill your monitoring work with web pages that require cookies?
    Unfortunately our monitoring bot(s) do not work exactly like a web browser does. So they are unable to accept cookies. As such some web pages that require cookies, or try to set them and then perform a re-direct, may not be monitored correctly. For example, your web server may return a 301 Redi ...

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