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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions :: I got an alert that my site was down but when I checked it was up?
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I got an alert that my site was down but when I checked it was up?
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The most common cause for such an anomaly would be a network type issue. When you check the failure logs you will likely see errors like "cannot connect", "unable to connect", and similar. So we were not even reaching the web server to get a response (like an HTTP error code or similar.)

Also the outages were probably only 1 - 2 check periods long and then we registered an "up" alert. These are all errors typical of network or router issues with one or more of the backbone internet providers between our monitoring servers and your server(s). So it would imply that some visitors could not reach your website/server depending on their geographic location. If you want us to remove any of the false downtime from your reports please contact us at support@siteuptime.com.

Also if the false positives persist here are a few changes you can make to minimize these:

1. You could try changing the monitoring location from the current city to another location. This will hopefully force our monitoring signal to take a different route and bypass any problem routers near the current location.

2. You can try changing the failure notice to come on the 2nd or 3rd consecutive check period instead of the 1st. This will eliminate any notices you get from our seeing an initial failure and then success and then another failure, etc... If the problem is not network related, and the server is actually down, it is more likely that we will get 2-3 consecutive failed checks in a row. This one change should eliminate much of the false reports because of the behavior described earlier.

Hopefully these suggestions can minimize false reports from network issues.
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