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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. questionCan I create a custom subject for the alerts I receive?
    Yes, our paid plans offer this feature. You are able to designate a specific subject for both "down" and "up" alerts.

  2. questionCan I create user accounts with restricted access?
    Yes, our paid accounts allow you to create sub-accounts with restricted access to your primary SiteUptime account. You can allow access to edit, create or delete monitors.

  3. questionCan I disable my monitoring for a short period of time?
    Yes. In your control panel, click on "My Monitors" and "Edit" for the monitor you wish to stop and then uncheck the "Active" checkbox. To re-activate, simply recheck the checkbox. You may also set up a recurring "blackout" or maintenance period if needed.

  4. questionCan I display my monitoring reports and statistics via RSS or XML?
    Yes, you can display your statistics via RSS / XML. This is available in the "My Reports" section of your control panel panel. Click on the "Summary" link for each monitor and the RSS/XML link is at the bottom of the page.

  5. questionCan I see a trace route for a failed check?
    Yes. Click My Monitors -> Edit and then check the box "Do traceroute after failure". Once this is enabled we will perform a trace route from our monitoring server to your website/server for any failed check. The results can be found under My Reports -> Details. Then choose the date of the failur ...

  6. questionCan I set the email alerts I receive to be flagged as high priority?
    Yes, you can do this in the "profile" section of your account control panel.

  7. questionCan I set the timeout duration that is used to determine a failure?
    Yes, our paid plans allow you to set the timeout period between 15 and 35 seconds. This value will be used to determine if a faiure occurred.

  8. questionCan I setup a custom escalation policy for alerts?
    Although we do not offer this option directly in your Siteuptime.com account we have partnered with PagerDuty.com to support custom escalation policies. Please see the following for more details: http://www.siteuptime.com/faq/questions.php?questionid=80

  9. questionCan I test your SMS network to make sure I can receive SMS alerts?
    Yes, please visit http://www.siteuptime.com/test_sms.php

  10. questionCan I use ping to monitor my server?
    Ping is an available option for determining if a monitor is active but you must specify within your control panel that you want to monitor your server or web site using ping. This is available only with our paid plans.

  11. questionCan you monitor slow load times?
    The way our monitoring works is not exactly like an actual web browser. We don't load all the images and/or dynamic elements (flash movies, etc...) We just send a Head request and/or a Get request that returns text content only. So it can be difficult to replicate slow loading in a browser which ...

  12. questionDo you offer a way to display my uptime on my web site?
    In addition to the your public reports page, we also offer the ability to add a small icon to your web site which will display your uptime. You can find this in the "edit" section of your control panel for a specific monitor.

  13. questionDo you offer Graphical Reports?
    Yes, graphical reports are available to our paid users. You may access them from the "My Reports" section of your control panel.

  14. questionDo you offer the ability to auto suspend my monitoring for a specific time of the week or month?
    Yes, we offer a maintenance or blackout schedule where you can automatically suspend your monitoring. This can be done for a specific period of time daily, weekly or monthly. You can set this up in the "edit" section of your monitor control panel.

  15. questionDo you send alerts for each check period?
    No, sorry for any confusion. We do not send an alert each time we check your website if the website is up. We only send an alert if we receive a failed check. This alerts you to the start of an outage. Then we send another alert (up alert) at the end of the outage.

  16. questionDoes SiteUptime have an API?
    Yes, SiteUptime now offers an API (based on REST) for users with one of our paid accounts. Our API page contains all the information you need to use the API.

  17. questionHow can I add additional alert email contacts?
    This feature is available with our paid plans only. In your control panel, select "My Monitors" and then "Edit" for the monitor you wish to add contacts for. Add additional email addresses in the "Add. email alert(s)" field separated by commas.

  18. questionHow can I add more monitors to my account?
    Additional monitors are $2 per month per monitor. You can order more by clicking the "Add Monitors" link on the left menu of your control panel.

  19. questionHow can I add SMS alerts to my account?
    SMS alerts are available on our paid plans only and there is a .20 fee for each alert sent. Please submit an SMS credit deposit by clicking "Add SMS Credits" link in your account control panel. You can verify that we support your SMS network by sending yourself a test SMS message. Click on "My P ...

  20. questionHow can I cancel my account?
    To cancel your account please send an e-mail to support@siteuptime.com with your request. Please be sure to email from the log-in email address for your account.

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