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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions :: Can you monitor slow load times?
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Can you monitor slow load times?
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The way our monitoring works is not exactly like an actual web browser. We don't load all the images and/or dynamic elements (flash movies, etc...) We just send a Head request and/or a Get request that returns text content only.

So it can be difficult to replicate slow loading in a browser which could be due to a large range of issues like problems with the web server to local computer/internet service provider problems.

But we do provide a timeout setting for each monitor with a minimum value of 15 seconds (maximum value is 35 seconds.) So you can specify that value for each monitor. We have found that if slow loading is due to a web server issue then the time out setting will often trigger an alert. But if it's due to more localized computer/network issues it may not.

The only other exception would be if you are noticing part of the website loading slowly, like a page dynamically generated by a script calling a database or a shopping cart/merchant software, etc... then we do have a page content monitoring option. You could specify a word or phrase that appears on the part of the page loading slowly. If we can't find it within the timeout setting then we will alert you.

If you have any further questions about this topic please feel free to contact support@siteuptime.com.
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