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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions :: How do I update my credit card?
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How do I update my credit card?
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This will depend on which of our payment processors you are currently using and if you are under our older plans or newer plans. Please log-in to your account with us and got to My Account -> Billing History.

For our newer plans (Basic, Standard, and Pro), the first sentence on the page should include a link to update your credit card. You may also go to My Account -> Edit Payment Type -> Add Payment Method. In either case, please be sure to make the new credit card the default payment method.

If your account is not past due then no further steps are needed. If your account is past due, then go to My Account -> Upgrade. Here you can choose the same plan as before and click Create Subscription. This last step is necessary to process payment using the updated credit card for past due accounts.

For our older plans (Premium and Advanced), click the link in the second paragraph that says "replace an existing or canceled subscription." You can submit the new payment details on the following pages. Please use this option instead of "update your credit card" for the easiest solution.

If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact support@siteuptime.com or use the help widget on the bottom left if this page.
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