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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. questionWhat is SiteUptime?
    SiteUptime provides website monitoring and reporting services. Our services are designed to provide any webmaster or website owner with a fast, effective and automated method for checking the availability of a website. We provide all services free of charge to registered users.

  2. questionWhat physical locations do you monitor from?
    We have monitoring locations in the following geographical locations: San Francisco, USA Dallas, USA New York, USA Toronto, Canada London, United Kingdom Frankfurt, Germany Amsterdam, Netherlands Bangalore, India Singapore, Singapore Sydney, Australia Tokyo, Japan

  3. questionWhat protocols do you support?
    What protocols do you support? Our free plan supports: HTTP FTP POP3 SMTP In addition, our paid plans allow you to monitor any protocol or custom port on a server, including DNS, SSL, etc.

  4. questionWhat services does SiteUptime provide?
    For an overview of our services, please see our services and comparison pages.

  5. questionWhere can I add my mobile number for SMS alerts?
    If you have one of our paid plans, you can have alerts sent to your mobile phone via SMS. You can enter your mobile number in the "My Profile" section of your account control panel.

  6. questionWhy should I use SiteUptime?
    Registration is quick and easy and provides immediate access to our basic web site monitoring services and tools. Our web site monitoring service allows you to verify that your web site is active and working properly 24/7.

  7. questionWill your monitoring work with web pages that require cookies?
    Unfortunately our monitoring bot(s) do not work exactly like a web browser does. So they are unable to accept cookies. As such some web pages that require cookies, or try to set them and then perform a re-direct, may not be monitored correctly. For example, your web server may return a 301 Redi ...

  8. questionWill your system follow 301 or 302 redirects?
    Yes, our system will follow your 301 or 302 redirects and monitor the resulting web page.

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