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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions :: What is Page Content Monitoring?
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What is Page Content Monitoring?
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Content Monitoring or Content Matching is a service we offer which will allow you to monitor a word(s) or text on a web page. If the word is not detected to be on the page during monitoring, an alert will be sent to you. You can also have an alert sent to you if the text IS found on the page. The cost for this is feature is $5 per month per account (not per monitor).

Please note the page content monitoring will not work with a re-direct. So if the URL you enter to be monitored re-directs to another landing page (such as if the landing page is based on the country or language of the visitor) our bot cannot follow the re-direct and check the content on that final URL. The solution would be to enter the final URL as the URL being monitored. This way there is no re-direct and we can check for content on the URL. Our normal http monitoring works fine with re-directs.

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