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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions :: How do I set-up a DNS monitor?
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How do I set-up a DNS monitor?
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In your Control Panel, from the service drop down menu choose dns (53). For the host name enter the name of your dns server. For example enter ns1.mywebhost.com where ns1.mywebhost.com is one of the actual name servers your domain is pointed to.

Now you should see two additional fields, domain name and IP address. Here you can enter your domain name (for example domain.com) and the static IP address it should resolve to (for example 12.345.67.89). Complete the rest of the settings and click Update/Save.

So what we are doing now would be to query ns1.mywebhost.com for the domain name domain.com. We compare the IP address we get in response to the IP address entered in the monitor settings. If there is a difference, or if there is no reply at all, then we alert you the dns server is down and/or not responding.

If you wanted to check another name server as well you can create an additional monitor the same way except enter ns2.mywebhost.com as the hostname.

If you do not want to check a specific domain name and IP address you can leave these fields blank and we will just check to make sure the name server is responding in general.

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