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SiteUptime Frequently Asked Questions :: How can I integrate my PagerDuty.com account?
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How can I integrate my PagerDuty.com account?
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Please log-in to your PagerDuty.com account and go to Configuration -> Services. For each Service set-up in your account there should be an API key listed. The exception would be if you are using email integration for that service. In that case we recommend creating a new service by clicking Add Service. For the Integration Type you can locate Siteuptime from the drop down menu. Or you can select "Use our API directly". Either will create an API keyfor that service. It should be 32 characters long. (Please note this is different from the API key listed under the API Access link in your PagerDuty.com account.) Next please log-in to your Siteuptime.com account and click My Monitors. For each monitor click Edit. Under the PagerDuty setting, check the box to enable this option and enter the corresponding API key from your PagerDuty.com service. When a down alert is triggered by your Siteuptime.com account we will open an incident with PagerDuty.com and they will follow the assigned Escalation Policy for that service. If you only have one PagerDuty.com service configured and you want to use it for all your Siteuptime.com monitors please click My Monitors and then click Edit Multiple Monitors. One of the options is the PagerDuty.com API key that you can set to be the same for all monitors.
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