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  1. questionWhat timezone is used for alerts and reports?
    The timezone used in the alerts and reports is based on the timezone you specify in your account profile. The timezone is based on the Pacific Time Zone (Los Angeles for example) and you can selec ...

  2. questionHow can I exclude your visits from Google analytics or other statistics programs?
    You may white list our user agent(s) Siteuptime and Siteuptime.com and this will exclude the visits of our monitoring bots from your analytics program.

  3. questionI got an alert that my site was down but when I checked it was up?
    The most common cause for such an anomaly would be a network type issue. When you check the failure logs you will likely see errors like "cannot connect", "unable to connect", and similar. So we w ...

  4. questionDoes SiteUptime offer a webhook feature?
    Yes. Visit our Webhook page for more information on using this feature.

  5. questionWhat location codes should I use for the API?
    Code Check Location sf United States, San Francisco da United States, Dallas ny United States, New York to Canada, Toronto ln United Kingdom, London s ...

  6. questionHow is the average response time measured?
    The Average Response Time (per day for example) is an average of the individual response times measured during that day. So each time we check your web site (or URL) we record the time it takes ...

  7. questionI want to remove an outage from my reports, is this possible?
    Yes, just let us know the time and the date of the outage and we will remove it.

  8. questionHow long does the API session key last?
    Each API session key lasts 30 minutes before a new authorization key is required. You can find out more about our API here: http://www.siteuptime.com/api.php

  9. questionCan I monitor a custom port?
    Yes, both our paid plans, offer this feature. From your control panel, click on "My Monitors" and then "Add". Under the service field select "Custom Port" and enter the port number in the space pr ...

  10. questionHow do I update my credit card?
    This will depend on which of our payment processors you are currently using and if you are under our older plans or newer plans. Please log-in to your account with us and got to My Account -> Bill ...

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