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  1. questionDo I need to download or install anything to use SiteUptime?
    No, all monitoring services work remotely from our servers. All you do is login to your password protected member area to use our service. You will be able to view account history details and have ...

  2. questionCan I set the email alerts I receive to be flagged as high priority?
    Yes, you can do this in the "profile" section of your account control panel.

  3. questionHow does email monitoring work?
    Our email monitoring does not send an email or receive a test email from your mail server. With both our SMTP and POP mail server monitoring basically our monitoring server connects to the specifi ...

  4. questionHow can I integrate my PagerDuty.com account?
    Please log-in to your PagerDuty.com account and go to Configuration -> Services. For each Service set-up in your account there should be an API key listed. The exception would be if you are using ...

  5. questionDo you send alerts for each check period?
    No, sorry for any confusion. We do not send an alert each time we check your website if the website is up. We only send an alert if we receive a failed check. This alerts you to the start of an o ...

  6. questionCan I use Email to SMS for alerts?
    Starting July 31, 2024 our email provider will no longer be supporting Email to SMS as an option. It is against their policies as telecommunications carriers do not allow commercial messages to be ...

  7. questionHow can I add additional alert email contacts?
    This feature is available with our paid plans only. In your control panel, select "My Monitors" and then "Edit" for the monitor you wish to add contacts for. Add additional email addresses in the ...

  8. questionHow can I cancel my account?
    To cancel your account please send an e-mail to support@siteuptime.com with your request. Please be sure to email from the log-in email address for your account.

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