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  1. questionWhat is SiteUptime?
    SiteUptime provides website monitoring and reporting services. Our services are designed to provide any webmaster or website owner with a fast, effective and automated method for checking the ...

  2. questionWhat services does SiteUptime provide?
    For an overview of our services, please see our services and comparison pages.

  3. questionWhat are the costs for your services?
    SiteUptime provides a free plan with limited features. In addition, we offer two paid plans with additional features for a small monthly fee. You can compare all of our plans here.

  4. questionWhy should I use SiteUptime?
    Registration is quick and easy and provides immediate access to our basic web site monitoring services and tools. Our web site monitoring service allows you to verify that your web site is active ...

  5. questionDo I need to download or install anything to use SiteUptime?
    No, all monitoring services work remotely from our servers. All you do is login to your password protected member area to use our service. You will be able to view account history details and have ...

  6. questionHow do you define a Service Monitor?
    A service monitor is defined as any device or service you set up to be monitored. For example if you want to monitor http on your web site, that counts as 1 monitor. If you have 3 service monitors ...

  7. questionHow can I integrate my PagerDuty.com account?
    Please log-in to your PagerDuty.com account and go to Configuration -> Services. For each Service set-up in your account there should be an API key listed. The exception would be if you are using ...

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