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  1. questionHow is the average response time measured?
    The Average Response Time (per day for example) is an average of the individual response times measured during that day. So each time we check your web site (or URL) we record the time it takes ...

  2. questionWhat timezone is used for alerts and reports?
    The timezone used in the alerts and reports is based on the timezone you specify in your account profile. The timezone is based on the Pacific Time Zone (Los Angeles for example) and you can selec ...

  3. questionDo you offer the ability to auto suspend my monitoring for a specific time of the week or month?
    Yes, we offer a maintenance or blackout schedule where you can automatically suspend your monitoring. This can be done for a specific period of time daily, weekly or monthly. You can set this up i ...

  4. questionMy failure log shows "Connection Timed Out", what does this error mean?
    This error means that our monitoring system could not reach your web site or server within the time out period. Typically, our system will wait a specified period of time for a response from your ...

  5. questionCan you monitor slow load times?
    The way our monitoring works is not exactly like an actual web browser. We don't load all the images and/or dynamic elements (flash movies, etc...) We just send a Head request and/or a Get request ...

  6. questionCan I disable my monitoring for a short period of time?
    Yes. In your control panel, click on "My Monitors" and "Edit" for the monitor you wish to stop and then uncheck the "Active" checkbox. To re-activate, simply recheck the checkbox. You may also set ...

  7. questionI want to remove an outage from my reports, is this possible?
    Yes, just let us know the time and the date of the outage and we will remove it.

  8. questionHow can I see response times for each check?
    Unfortunately we do not keep records for individual response times when our checks are successful. Rather we just record a daily average. However, for any failed check we do record individual resp ...

  9. questionDo you send alerts for each check period?
    No, sorry for any confusion. We do not send an alert each time we check your website if the website is up. We only send an alert if we receive a failed check. This alerts you to the start of an o ...

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