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The 4 Most Comfortable Office Chairs for Your Back in 2020

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You spend your days typing away at a desk. While you love your career, you don’t love the back pain that comes with it. Sitting for too long can put a real strain on your back.

This is especially true if the chair you’re using is uncomfortable. You would be surprised at how much upgrading your chair can do for a sore back. Need a little help with your office shopping? 

We can help you out. Keep reading for a complete list of the most comfortable office chairs that will nip your pain in the bud and allow you to be more productive.

1. Liccx High Back Office Chair 

The Liccx high back office chair is a godsend if you suffer from lumbago or sciatica symptoms. It has a long backrest that supports the spine and hips. Every single part of the chair is customizable so you can adjust it to meet your particular needs. 

It has a retractable footrest and a 135-degree recline. A combination that will allow you to take a little pressure off your back when you begin to feel stiff. The chair can be a little annoying to put together but it’s worth it in the end for the comfort you’ll feel. 

2. X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair 

If you have a lot of money to throw around then the X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair will make your back feel better than ever. It has a recline of 138-degrees which is the best angle for people who suffer from back pain. 

It will auto-adjust to fit the posture you’re used to sitting at. It’s made with a plush, quality leather that’s comfortable to sit in, not to mention gorgeous to look at. This is only the beginning of the features this chair offers. 

3. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

The Hbada Ergonomic office chair offers a sleek design that will enhance the look of your space. It has a recline angle of 150-degrees which is more than the recommended amount.    

It has an adjustable lumbar that will target and relieve pressure on every part of your back. It doesn’t come with an adjustable chair depth and you won’t be able to alter the height of the armrests. 

4. Steelcase Gesture Chair w/Headrest 

Like the X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair, this chair is a good one to get if money is no object. It ships pre-assembled so you won’t have to wrestle with putting a chair together. 

The armrests pivot and adjust to work with your upper body.  It will take a bit of tweaking but the chair will learn to contour to your back. It has an adjustable seat depth and the fabric is super comfortable as well.  

The Most Comfortable Office Chairs for Your Aching Back

Sitting at an office desk can do a number on your back. Ease the pressure by upgrading your office chair.

Any of the most comfortable office chairs on this list will support your spine and work with your unique posture. Make the change today. 

The right office furniture can do wonders for your work output. Check out our blog daily for more ways to boost your productivity at work.