Understanding user behavior is crucial to the success of your online business. Use these 10 web analytics tools to get better insights about your audience.

Top 10 Web Analytics Tools to Understand User Behavior

In 60 seconds on the internet, 70 new website domains are registered. That’s a lot of new websites every day. How will yours stay competitive? By using web analytics tools you’ll be able to keep improving your website every day. From content quality to links clicked, your website will constantly be giving you feedback. Read […]

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track website changes

6 Expert Tips on How to Track Website Changes

Your site visitors’ tastes are evolving. Staying on top of important updates keeps their interest alive, but failing to track website changes puts long-term success at risk. It’s easy to be passive about website updates. You may only check for updates routinely. You may hardly check for updates at all. But overlooking this important task […]

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how to check server uptime

How to Check Server Uptime and Why You Need to Do it

Are you curious about what server uptime means for your company? Knowing your site’s server uptime means knowing when your site is accessible to all visitors–and when it’s not. Monitoring your site’s uptime means being able to manage downtime more quickly. The less downtime you have, the lower your bounce rate. In this post, we’ll […]

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