cybersecurity threats

Top 10 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats for Small Business Websites

Do you know about the biggest cybersecurity threats to your business? If you don’t take action against cybersecurity threats, security breaches could actually take down your business. No business is too small to be targeted – it can happen to anyone. In this guide, we’ll show you the ten biggest threats that you have to […]

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Why Conducting Security Tests is Vital for Your Web Application

With the average data breach costing companies around $7 million in lost revenue and lawsuits, small businesses can’t afford to suffer a cyber attack. When data breaches hit a company, it can damage their reputation, leading to unknown costs in sales and consumer perception. Web security testing can help you to find places where nefarious […]

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private medical information

How to Keep Private Medical Information Private on the Web

The digital transformation is opening up major opportunities in the healthcare marketplace. The global IoT (internet of things) is projected to grow over 400% in the next 6 years and create new services for patients and doctors alike. But with all of this potential comes serious hazards as well. Web designers need to know more […]

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