Utilizing Guests Posts

The Importance of Utilizing Guests Posts

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About 60% of blogs write between one and three guest posts each month. If you’re trying to push your content out to a wider audience, writing a guest post can help you achieve that goal.

Many people stay away from guest posts because there is a lot of work behind one article. They put it on the backburner or focus on other activities they find easier.

You’re about to discover that it really is worth the effort and it doesn’t take as much time as you think.

Why should you write guest posts and how can you make them happen with ease? Keep reading to learn the whys and hows behind guest posts.

Establish Credibility

No matter what business you’re in, you need to establish that you know what you’re talking about. You also have to compete against other people who might have more experience than you.

You can make up that gap by establishing yourself as a credible expert in your field. When someone reads a guest post on a blog with multiple authors, it creates trust and positions you as a person with experience and expertise.

Improve E-A-T

Do you know what E-A-T is in the world of SEO? It means Expertise, Authority, and Trust. It is what Google’s search algorithm looks for when ranking websites.

If your website falls into a “your money or your life” category (health, finance, mental health, happiness, etc.), then you need to pay attention to this.

One way you can build up the authority of your site is to have other high-quality sites link to yours through guest posting.

More Website Traffic

A link to your site from another site with a lot of visitors can be gold. You can use a strategically placed guest post to generate more traffic to your site just by having one article appear on a popular site.

Create Business Opportunities

The business world is all about relationships. If you approach guest posting as a way to build your network, you’ll be successful.

One of the biggest benefits of writing guest posts is that you have a chance to expand your network with publishers. If you write great content and deliver the content on time, publishers will give you more opportunities.

More opportunities turn into more business and you get the other benefits of writing guest posts.

How to Unleash the Power of Guest Posts

As you can tell, guest posts can do a lot for your brand. The thing to know is that you just don’t get guest posts. You have to know what publishers are looking for to get published.

It’s very competitive, but if you work with these tips, you’ll get published in no time at all.

Set Goals for Guest Posts

Start off by knowing what you want to accomplish with guest posts. You can experience all of the benefits listed above, but it’s best to focus on one or two of them.

The goals will then dictate how you pick sites to write for. If you want to write for a site to establish credibility in your industry, you’ll want to write for a trade site that might not get a lot of traffic.

On the other hand, if your goal is to get traffic, then you want to find a site that has a lot of visitors and appeals to a broad audience.

Do the Research

Start by doing a search in Google for “your topic guest posting opportunities.” You should find a list of potential sites to reach out to right away.

You want to look at each site and learn more about them to make sure it’s a good fit for you. You also want to dig deeper to find the right contact person to reach out to.

Craft Your Pitch

Think from the perspective of the person receiving your email. You’re likely to be the 100th guest post request that day.

The more you can make your pitch short, relatable, and to the point, the better. You want to give an introduction to who you are, and how you can benefit their readers.

Come up with specific topics that they might be interested in.


This is the most important step that few bother to make. There’s a chance that your first email gets ignored.

Have a follow-up email ready to go 5-10 days later. You can forward your initial request along with a short note to remind them of your initial email.

Deliver Your Best Content

You might be hesitant to deliver your best content because you’re giving it away for free. That is exactly what you want to do. When you are guest posting, you need to give your best.

Yes, for free.

Your job is to deliver so much value to the publisher’s audience, they’ll want to know more about you. Plus, publishers want people to stay on their site a little longer.

Articles that keep the attention of readers are rare, and you can set yourself apart from other authors.

Using Guest Posting Services

There is one secret that some of the top guest posters use to get their names out there. They turn to guest post services. These are services that do the outreach and writing on your behalf.

If you do go this route, you need to select a service that delivers results. There are a lot of services out there that do little for their clients.

Some of the top guest posting services are Digital Business, Fat Joe, and Outreach Mama.

Write Guest Posts for Brand Recognition

What’s a simple way to increase business opportunities, expand your audience, and build credibility for your brand? Writing guest posts can do all of that and more.

Whether you’re writing for your business brand or personal brand, you can utilize the power of guest posts to get people and search engines to trust you.

It’s not that difficult to do if you’re willing to invest the time and effort. You could turn to guest post services to do the work for you.

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