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What Are Page Views and Why Are They Important?

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In an increasingly digital world, getting eyes on your product or service is more important than ever. These are known as page views.

What are page views exactly? When someone clicks on a website page to open and view it, that counts as a page view. 

Is a page view the ultimate win when it comes to growing your business? There’s more to it, read on to find out.

Page Views Versus Unique Views

While focusing on how to increase page views is good, remember that page views are not an indication of how many visitors have clicked on your site. If a site user hits the refresh button ten times, your page views will record ten visits. 

If you want to how many different users found and clicked on your website, look for the unique views figure. That will give you accurate insight into the actual reach of your website.

3 Simple Steps to Increase Page Views

Whether you run a recipe site, sell shoes, or offer medical supplies, a savvy digital marketing plan should result in regular page views and low bounce rates. Try these page view tips to increase the clicks on your website.

Focus on Quality Content 

Understand the needs, wants, and desires of your ideal customer. With those things in mind, create content that adds value to them. Offer content that is fresh, unique, and meets them where they’re at.

Optimize Layout For Easy Navigation

Plan your layout in a way that makes it easy for the user to find their way around your site. Use headers and sidebars to highlight your products and services. Avoid clutter as it makes it hard for your user to find what they’re looking for. If your site frustrates them, the chances are high that they will leave.

Monitor Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate? A bounce occurs when a user visits your page and leaves without performing a single action, such clicking on a link, filling out a form, or buying something.

A high bounce rate could be a sign of technical SEO issues such as:

  • Slow loading page
  • Poor quality content
  • Pages not optimized for mobile
  • Badly optimized title tags and meta descriptions

What are page views worth, if your bounce rate is too high? If you correct these basic issues, your bounce rate should drop significantly.

Rush Hour Website Traffic

How to increase website traffic is a combination of offering a sought-after product, presenting it in an appealing way, and underpinning it with watertight SEO. 

An example of this combination done right are the top gaming digital marketing services, which have contributed to the phenomenal growth of the video gaming industry.

Once you have these basics in place, add a social media strategy and watch your page views climb.

Page Views – The Pulse of Your Online Health

What are page views if not a solid indication of the life of your online business?  Use your page views as a guide to where you can improve how a user experiences your business.

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