7 Best Website Monitoring Software Services for Your Online Store

Website Monitoring

Every day, more than 1.9 billion websites fight for a piece of the over $60,000 consumers are spending on products and services every year.

What that tells is us that the age of the internet is in full swing. And businesses that are hoping to survive in today’s digital-first economy need to create robust web presences or go extinct.

To make sure that your website is firing on all cylinders, the best solution is for you to turn towards sophisticated website monitoring software.

Website monitoring software represent solutions for webmasters to manage their critical site data. That data may include traffic, outages, latency issues, and more.

Below, our team gives you the rundown on the best website monitoring software available to you today!

1. SiteUptime

If you’re looking for a simple solution that will notify you when your website is down and help troubleshoot what went wrong, there’s no better tool to trust than SiteUpTime.

SiteUpTime monitors tens of billions of sites. It has sent almost 2 billion alerts to webmasters letting them know when critical failures have occurred.

Bottom line: If you want a simple yet effective insurance policy on your digital livelihood, see for yourself how we can help.

2. Logic Monitor

There are a lot of comprehensive website monitoring tools on the market, but one that stands among the masses is Logic Monitor.

Logic Monitor offers high levels of customization which in some instances can be helpful and in other instances may turn off users due to its complexity. It offers webmasters excellent online technical support, alert options, and in-depth troubleshooting information to work through issues you may encounter.

3. Riverbed SteelCentral AppInternals

For monitoring that goes beyond website up-time, unique visitor analytics, and traffic sources, Riverbed SteelCentral AppInternals is the way to go.

Built from the ground up to support larger organizations, Riverbed weighs in at $2,000 per year for it’s licensing cost. And its robust features do an excellent job of justifying that price tag.

The interface is easy to use. The analytics offered within the software is unparalleled. It enables you to track every aspect of your user’s experience.

4. Ghostery

Ghostery is a relatively new player in the website tracking game after hitting the scene in 2009. It doesn’t offer traditional website tracking functionality you’d find with other services on this list. What it does offer is its tag-tracking map.

With Ghostery, you can track the front end of your website to get the full picture of all of the 3rd party services that are hooking onto your site which could be decreasing its performance.

Armed with Ghostery, you will have a robust understanding of elements on your site that can be streamlined and feel confident in your ability to make necessary improvements.

Ghostery’s cost is pretty steep at $5,000 dollars per year.

To get a deeper sense of what Ghostery’s tag-tracking map can do for your business, consider downloading its free browser extensions. They serve as an excellent entry point into the company’s broader product suite.

5. AppDynamics

If you run a small to mid-sized business like PerfectLens, you probably won’t need the robust feature set AppDynamics provides in the way of website monitoring.

This website monitoring software is great at providing analytics, reports, and alerts for IT professionals. But some of its expanded feature sets are not as useful as it would like you to believe to justify its lofty price tag.

Still, as far as A-Z website monitoring goes, AppDynamics works for enterprises.

6. AlertSite

AlertSite is a website monitoring tool by SmartBear Software. It has clean UI and a reasonable price tag for people looking to track basic analytics.

It also features mobile site performance tracking. That feature is becoming increasingly important in today’s mobile-first consumer environment.

Where AlertSite falls short is with its limitations when it comes to root cause analysis. Also, its real user motioning system leaves something to be desired.

AlertSite is a good choice for SMB’s looking for a lite version of the more robust feature sets other products on this list offer.

7. New Relic

New Relic offers a website monitoring tool that strikes a good balance between low-end website monitoring software and high-end enterprise software.

With New Relic, you can dive deep into data that is surfaced from website alerts. This can turn webmasters onto insights that could unilaterally improve their site’s performance even in ways unrelated to the initial problem.

The tool not only monitors your website but can scan your organization’s related applications to provide you with metrics related to their performance as well. For that reason, if your business model relies on a variety of applications across multiple platforms, New Relic could be the best monitoring solution for you.

While not great for small businesses, medium-sized organizations will feel good about having New Relic in their corner.

Wrapping up Website Monitoring Software

Are you looking for notifications when your site crashes? What about robust consumer experience data? No matter what your needs are, there’s website monitoring software out there to help.

Our recommendation is to sample the tools we’ve listed above. Figure out which ones provide you with the best balance of features and cost that are right for your business.

To start your website monitoring software search, consider giving our tools at SiteUpTime a try.

Many businesses rely on our simple yet effective approach to providing critical site metrics webmasters need to maximize their web presence.

Learn more about what SiteUpTime can do for you by trying our product 100% free today!