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Why Your Auto Site Needs a Web Server Monitoring Service

Website Monitoring

You have a business to keep up with. Do you really want to spend your days on the computer trying to figure out what caused a massive outage?

No, that’s why you need reliable web server monitoring. If your site is down for extended periods of time, this impacts your ranking on search engines.

Still on the fence? Here are four other reasons to invest in using a web monitoring service.

Keep Visitors Satisfied

When high traffic comes to your website, will it be prepared? Knowing your website can withstand large amounts of traffic is essential.

If it’s not performing well and has a slow load time, 40% of visitors will leave if it takes more than three seconds. Let’s say it’s down for an hour, can you imagine how much traffic you’re losing out on?

Not only does it include new visitors but returning ones as well. They won’t care if it’s down for a few hours, if they need a service done ASAP, they’ll go elsewhere.

Don’t let that happen. Keep your customers happy with web server monitoring. We’ll tell you when there’s a problem and how to prevent it from happening again.

No Sales Lost Thanks to Web Server Monitoring

While your website is in downtime because it wasn’t properly monitored, this affects sales. Customers come to your site knowing they can purchase a product or service.

If they can’t, they’ll buy it somewhere else and it’s a loss on your end. Websites experience downtime multiple days within the year and that money lost to it adds up to hundreds, even thousands.

When it is monitored, you can prevent lost sales by knowing what caused the problem and the solutions to take to fix it. This helps you keep more money in your bank account.

Protection From Threats

Cyber attacks are becoming more of a reality in the digital world. Hackers can attack from anywhere and anytime.

They can affect the uptime of your website with denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. This is when they’ll “flood” your site with information and other systems. In layman’s terms, it means there’s a high amount of false traffic crashing your site.

When not monitored and prevented, it can cause huge setbacks. You’ll need to make sure they didn’t plant any malicious hardware or suspicious downloadable links that can harm your customer’s computers.

Web server monitoring allows you peace of mind knowing you’re protected from any threat, even potential ones. You can take appropriate action to stop cyber attacks before they even try.

Save Time and Money

Auto sites like Tokyo Automotive Subaru repair don’t have time to spend days recovering from a cyber attack or random downtime. They are saved tons of money and valuable time by having their website monitored.

It gives peace of mind knowing everything is under control and they can service their customers through their site. In a day where time is money, you can’t afford to lose out on any of it when it can be resolved with something as affordable as web server monitoring.

Wrapping Up

Don’t take a chance hoping your website will be fine for the whole year. With reasonably priced packages available, investing in us will quickly pay off.

Spend your days focused on your work, not on your affected website. You’ll feel more at ease knowing you trust the experts at SiteUptime.

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