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4 Signs That a Hosting Business Needs a Website Upgrade

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It could cost nearly $5,000 for a small business to get even a minor website upgrade.

That’s the number one reason many hosting businesses will put off an upgrade, even when it’s badly needed. But a website that is failing to hit the mark could be costing you even more than that.

A website isn’t a static thing. Once it’s built, you need to manage SEO, server space, admin access, and databases just to keep it going. Plus, an upgrade could require a whole lot of time and money spent on employee training.

If you’re hesitant toward getting a website upgrade, consider these signs that you need one:

1. Your Company Has Pivoted

If you’re in the middle of a rebranding or you’ve been acquired by a larger company, you should consider an upgrade.

The same goes if you’ve created new logos, added partners, or tweaked your brand’s colors.

Perhaps the focus of your company has changed. If once you were focusing on a domestic market and now you’ve expanded globally, your site should reflect that.

In case your e-commerce engine is getting old, it could be time for a website upgrade. This will ensure you’re pivoted toward the future.

2. You’re Slow or Behind

Any website that’s over five years old probably isn’t optimized for mobile use.

If your site is unusable on mobile devices, you’re leaving a lot of customers behind. You need a layout like, which focuses on a narrow screen size.

Check your load times and make sure you’re well under five seconds. Some customers will leave you behind after just a couple of seconds. If your images and media are unnecessarily large, optimize loading by decreasing file size.

To make sure your site is as fast as it can be, check out our guide for how to increase page loading speed.

3. Your Menus Aren’t Working Well

When everything else fails, follow the three click rule. You should be able to get to any place on your site in three clicks or less.

If you’ve got complicated menus that don’t display on tablets or phones, you’ve got a problem.

You’ll also find that your site won’t show up at the top of search results if it’s too complicated. Search engines prefer sites that are easy to navigate and have simple hierarchies.

An older site filled with dead links is just begging for an upgrade.

4. You Can’t Edit It Yourself

You shouldn’t have to contact a webmaster every time you need a small thing added to your site. You should be able to set it up with a simple CMS (Contact Management System) that allows you to make your own edits.

A Website Upgrade Will Bring in Customers

Being at the cutting edge will show current customers that you care about staying relevant. You’ll also be presenting a forward-looking image to potential clients.

If you’re ready for a website upgrade, contact us today for more information!