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There were 51 questions found in this category:
  1. questionMy failure log shows "Unable to Connect", what does this error mean?
    This is a generic error which indicates that our monitoring system could not reach your web site or server. The specific reason for the failure could not be determined.

  2. questionWhat does the green, red and grey icon next to my monitor mean?
    These icons represent the current status of your monitor. A green icon means your monitor was up on the last check. A red icon means your monitor was down on the last check and a grey icon means your monitor is not active.

  3. questionWhat IP's do you use for your monitoring locations?
    The following IP addresses are used by our monitoring locations. If you use a firewall, or need to allow our locations to access your server, please use these IP's. For any failed check, we verify the failure with a randomly selected alternate location. So we recommend that you whitelist all of ...

  4. questionWhat is HTTP Authentication Monitoring?
    HTTP Authentication monitoring allows us to log-in to a secure area of your website and check to ensure the log-in process and resulting landing page are working correctly. You would provide us with the URL, and a user name / password combination to log-in. This feature is included with both pai ...

  5. questionWhat is Page Content Monitoring?
    Content Monitoring or Content Matching is a service we offer which will allow you to monitor a word(s) or text on a web page. If the word is not detected to be on the page during monitoring, an alert will be sent to you. You can also have an alert sent to you if the text IS found on the page. Th ...

  6. questionWhat location codes should I use for the API?
    Code Check Location sf United States, San Francisco da United States, Dallas ny United States, New York to Canada, Toronto ln United Kingdom, London sg Singapore, Singapore sp Brazil, Sao Paulo au Australia, Sydney tj Japan, Tokyo fr Germany, Frankfurt am Netherlands, Amsterdam ba India, Bangalore

  7. questionWhat physical locations do you monitor from?
    We have monitoring locations in the following geographical locations: San Francisco, USA Dallas, USA New York, USA Toronto, Canada London, United Kingdom Frankfurt, Germany Amsterdam, Netherlands Bangalore, India Singapore, Singapore Sydney, Australia Tokyo, Japan

  8. questionWhat timezone is used for alerts and reports?
    The timezone used in the alerts and reports is based on the timezone you specify in your account profile. The timezone is based on the Pacific Time Zone (Los Angeles for example) and you can select a time difference to get your actual time zone.

  9. questionWhere can I add my mobile number for SMS alerts?
    If you have one of our paid plans, you can have alerts sent to your mobile phone via SMS. You can enter your mobile number in the "My Profile" section of your account control panel.

  10. questionWill your monitoring work with web pages that require cookies?
    Unfortunately our monitoring bot(s) do not work exactly like a web browser does. So they are unable to accept cookies. As such some web pages that require cookies, or try to set them and then perform a re-direct, may not be monitored correctly. For example, your web server may return a 301 Redi ...

  11. questionWill your system follow 301 or 302 redirects?
    Yes, our system will follow your 301 or 302 redirects and monitor the resulting web page.

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