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5 Key Tips for Having a Secure Adult Website

Website Security

Are you concerned that your adult website might be susceptible to attacks? You should be.

According to a 2015 ITRC data breach report, more than 170 million personal records were exposed via 780 data breaches.

In May 2017, Credit firm Equifax exposed personal data for 143 million US customers in a massive hack.

Each day presents new threats, with hackers getting smatter paired with advancements in technology. You might now be wondering why hackers would be interested in your innocuous website that stores no credit card information.

Theft is not the only agenda in the mind of a hacker. Hackers may want to destroy your reputation or expose your customers’ profiles for personal gain.

While you can never undo the damage done by hackers, you can take measures to prevent future hacking attempts. Here are the five tips to having a secure website.

1. Be Updated

You need to keep platforms and any installed scrips updated to foil hacking attempts.

If there are security holes in your website’s software, hackers might exploit them to gain access to your system. CMS providers like Joomla, WordPress and their ilk release security updates regularly to make their systems less vulnerable to attacks.

If you use WordPress, you can easily spot the updates icon in the dashboard. The updates icon is located in the top left corner, next to your site’s name.

Updating your website regularly makes it less vulnerable to attacks.

2. Switch to HTTPS

HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which information is sent between a website and a browser.

Since HTTPS is a secure protocol, all communications between your browser and the website you are connected to are encrypted.

While HTTPs is a necessity for online transactions, it’s also a great tool for sites that store sensitive information.

3. Your Host Matters

According to a 2012 infographic on WP security breaches, 41% of websites are hacked through security vulnerabilities in their hosting platform.

When looking for hosting services, look for security options availed by various service providers and go for the one with the best features.

It may cost you more money but will provide the protection you need to maintain a secure website.

4. Install Security Plugins

Once your site is up to date, you may want to install some security plugins to boost its protection from hacking attempts.

For example, Bulletproof Security and iThemes Security plugins are viable options if you use WordPress. These plugins are available free of charge.

Security plugins are a necessity in an adult site to thwart any form of hacking attempts seeking to expose users information. An adult site like Lovesita Call Girl Paris, for example, needs top security to keep its clients information confidential.

5. Strengthen Network Security

Computer users in your company may inadvertently open the door for hackers to access your system if network security rules are violated.

To strengthen network security, always ensure that passwords are frequently changed, and logins expire after a short period of inactivity. It’s also advisable to ensure all devices plugged into the system are first scanned for malware.

Wrapping Up on Having a Secure Website

Your adult website needs to be secure to fulfill its purpose and protect your customer’s sensitive data.

Apart from hackers, having a website that is not secure can put you at the mercy of spammers. Spammers may not interfere with your clients’ confidential data but will fill your site with spam links and comments.

But it’s not all doom and gloom on the web. By adopting these security measures, you’ll never have to contend with hackers or spammers.

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