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Weed Websites that Rank: Learn from the Leaders


We live in an interesting time in the world when it comes to the most controversial plant in history.

States are changing their medical and recreational marijuana laws left and right. While this has huge implications for society, business is one of the key areas where these changes will take place.

Many are jumping into the fray, so if you have a marijuana business, you’re competing with more companies than ever.

If you hope to compete, you’ll need to find out the best search engine ranking tips to carry you through.

Let’s consider some strategies used by the top weed websites so that you can use them in your own business.

Tips From The Best Weed Websites

Tip #1: Review Some Strains

If you hope to increase your ranking like the best weed websites do develop a deep database of strains. Weed strain reviews are among the most important and common information that people search for.

Imagine getting ready to make a weed run, and not only do you not know where you’re going to buy from, you have no idea what strains to get.

After finding a dispensary by using a search engine like leafbuyer, you’ll want to figure out the effects you’ll get from any Indica or Sativa purchase.

Regular weed users are particular about their strains so that they’re getting the desired balance of euphoria, creativity or focus if this is what you desire, or a heavier high with couch-like if this isn’t prohibitive to their day.

When you give people options on the strains they’re shopping for, you’ll rack up traffic and rankings — especially if you hire an SEO company for help.

Tip #2: Create Stellar Content

Think of your website like its a network.

HBO needed The Wire and The Sopranos to become a household name, while AMC needed Mad Men and Breaking Bad to break through the noise. If you want to differentiate yourself from other weed websites, you need some go-to content that’ll do the same for you.

Create a blog, YouTube channel or podcast that marijuana users are dying to subscribe to. Whether you make it entertainment based and weed-centric or keep people up to date with the changes in marijuana legislation, shoot to provide value and be the best.

When you create fans through great content, your site will shoot to the top of rankings as a natural byproduct.

Tip #3: Use The Right Keywords

No matter what sort of site you run, keywords are still critically important.

Stay up to date with marijuana news and consider creating content that uses relevant keywords. For instance, using the name of a piece of legislation or a new award-winning strain will keep your site fresh in Google.

If you don’t know where to begin with keywords, you can get employ some SEO keyword tips that will get you started.

Consider these tips and browse some of our posts to wrap your mind around what it takes to have a successful weed website!