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Why Your Adult Website Needs Server Uptime Monitoring

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Your business relies on the Internet.

In fact, every business now relies on the Internet. Even traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses report that maintaining an online presence has led to boosted sales and consumer interactions.

Your adult website, though, is run solely through the Internet. So if you experience an issue with your website, you experience an issue with your business. One such issue you may experience is hiccups in your server uptime.

What Is Server Uptime?

Server uptime refers simply to when your server is up and running smoothly. The site loads without trouble and videos don’t experience shuttering or go blank.

In contrast, server downtime refers to when your server goes down. With the server down, visitors–potential customers–can’t access your content.

There are measures you can take to prevent issues with your server uptime. The most common and reliable one is server uptime monitoring.

Why Your Adult Website Needs Server Uptime Monitoring

There are several reasons why you should seriously consider having your website’s server uptime monitored.

1. Knowing Your Site’s Stats At All Times

Many moderation services give you the option of keeping track of your adult website’s day-to-day operations. Such operations aren’t exclusive to just whether or not your website is running.

These services allow you to check whether or not you have too many elements on your adult website. Adult websites are known for having element-heavy content, but there is such a thing as having too much content.

When your site has too much content, it will load at a sluggish pace. If your site takes longer than a few seconds to load all content, viewers will go where they won’t have to wait as long.

Many moderation services also allow you to see your search engine ranking. You’ll be notified if you make it into Google’s top-10 search results.

2. Addressing Decreased Search Engine Rankings

Nowadays, search engine optimization is all the rage when it comes to online marketing. The reason why is because search engines are how we find things. From Johnny Depp’s birthday to how nuclear fission works, search engines are the most convenient way to find any piece of immediate information.

Search engine technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Now search engines have “red flags” they look for when they compiling results. Sites that have these red flags are ranked lower than those that don’t.

Server downtime is a huge red flag. If your site is down for more than one or two days, search engines such as Google will place it at the bottom of their results.

3. Maintaining Your Loyal Customer Base and Sales

Maintaining a strong traffic-to-lead conversion is important. What’s even more important is maintaining a loyal customer base.

Whereas leads come and go, loyal customers come and go and then come back again. They spend more money on you, and they’ll forgive you if you make a mistake. Loyal customers are the ones who stick with your business through thick and thin.

There are numerous adult websites out there offering much the same content as your website. The competition is stiff.

If your website is down for any period of time, those loyal customers won’t be able to access your services. They can’t renew their subscription, rent an escort, or view any live shows. As a result, they will go elsewhere on the Internet.

That equals lost revenue for you.

It isn’t a huge shock. When Amazon’s website crashed in June of 2007 for a few short hours, the Internet superstar lost over $3,000,000 in revenue. Luckily, it’s a big enough company that it was able to recover from the blow.

The adult website industry doesn’t have that financial cushion. It banks on providing new content quickly. As such, it’s imperative that your website be up at all times.

4. Addressing Poor Site Performance

Adult websites are element-heavy.

They feature long videos with a list of suggested videos below the main show. A lot of times, those suggested videos run previews to give viewers a taste of what’s in store.

Adult websites also feature a lot of images. Escort services typically have a page on which all available escorts are listed along with a photo of them. To learn more about escort services, check out Angels of London’s website.

Then there are the live shows to consider. Many adult websites feature live feed as part of their push to constantly add new content.

To provide that live feed, your adult website’s server has to be in tip-top condition. Live feed supported by a less than stellar server will frequently shutter and freeze. That’s if the feed loads at all.

5. Preventing Hackers and Other Cyber Attacks

The threat of hackers and cyberspace attacks is higher than ever.

When a hacker breaches your adult site’s security, he or she can cause some serious damage. And we’re not just talking about short-term, server downtime damage.

First, a hacker can insert malicious code into your website. What that code does is limited to the hacker’s imagination.

The malicious code can simply shut down your website for a time. It can also cause a virus to automatically be downloaded to all browsers’ computers.

Consider the Ashley Madison hack of 2015. The hackers posted the site’s customer list, which included some customers’ full names. The post led to permanent reputation damage for both Ashley Madison and some of its customers.

Adult website browsing and subscription is a private, personal choice. Most customers who go to adult websites don’t want their friends or family to know.

As a business owner, you want to make sure your website is known as a reputable, trustworthy source for adult entertainment. Server moderation can alert you when suspicious activity or a data breach occurs. That way, you can address the issue swiftly and prevent any more damage from occurring.

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