Free Hacks to Improve Google Search Results and Boost Website Visibility


Most Google updates and algorithm changes are so small you never even notice them. However, there are others that are so massive you can’t ignore them.

Regardless of if you notice them or not, you need to ensure you make adjustments to your site to appease changes as they come about. If you still aren’t seeing the results in search engines you want after making these adjustments, it may be time to take your efforts a step further.

Keep reading to learn how to improve Google search results quickly and for free.

Improve the Keywords You Use

The more targeted your keywords are to your specific niche, the better. By creating and utilizing targeted keywords, you can increase your rank and rise above the competition, eliminating the more generalized content present.

When you are trying to figure out how to increase your rank in Google – for free – there are two tools you can rely on:

Google Trends

This tool shows you the latest stores that are being talked about around the world. You can enter a topic or term and then use the information to tell effective business stories for your services and products.

Google’s Keyword Tool

Another free tool offered by Google AdWords, it provides you with the most relevant keywords based on specific phrases or words that are related to the services and products you offer.

Improve the User Experience on Your Website

There are four main ranking factors you need to focus on to improve user experience. These include:

  • Bounce rate
  • Pages per session
  • Time on site
  • Website visits

Each of those is related to the experience your website offers visitors. It’s a simple concept. If your website is enjoyable and easy to use, and if it offers valuable information, you receive more visitors who stay on the site longer and visit more pages. Combined, this helps to improve your Google search rank.

Create New and Regular Blog Content Regularly

You need to ensure your website doesn’t get stale. You can increase overall visibility when you regularly publish new content online.

You can use Google Trends (mentioned above) for new blog ideas or other hot topics trending in your industry. Be sure you use your keywords strategically in your blogs, but not so much they make the content unreadable.

You can also use this regularly published content along with your email marketing strategy. Simply push out an email to subscribers each time something new is published. Believe it or not, email marketing for small businesses is still extremely effective.

Acquire More Backlinks

A backlink, which is a link from another site to yours, is an important ranking factor. In fact, it’s one of the most heavily weighted Google ranking factors.

When you have incoming links to your content from a high-authority domain, it shows your site is also an authority. This helps bring in more traffic and improves your site’s search ranking.

Use Internal Linking Throughout Your Site

Backlinks aren’t the only type of important link you need to have on your page. Another helpful technique is to use internal linking.

When you create internal links, Google, along with other search engines, receive a better understanding of how your site’s pages relate to each other. You can link one blog to another or link phrases or words on your blog to your services pages – the options are endless. Using internal linking can be extremely beneficial.

Improve Your Page Speed

In July 2018, Google started using mobile page speed as a ranking factor. Even though this “speed update” is only said to affect a very small number of sites, it’s still important to ensure your site is as fast as possible. By doing this, you can provide a better user experience and increase your search ranking.

Make Sure Your Blogs and Articles Are Easy to Share

You need to ensure it’s easy for your fans and customers to share the content you post. To do this, all you need is to include the social share icons every time you publish a new blog, article, product announcements, or any other information on your website.

This can help give you more exposure to new audiences, but it is also an indirect way for you to increase your rankings and receive more inbound clicks to your website pages.

Fix All Broken Links  

Having quality links present on your website is one of the best ways for you to increase your traffic while establishing site authority. However, if a link brings up a 404 error, this will hurt your user experience, along with your search rank. There are free tools to use to help you with this.

Include Unique Title Tags for Every Page

Make sure you use appropriate keywords in each title tag and that you create these for each page on your website. Your title tags need to be up to 70 characters. Use your words wisely and Google will have a better understanding of what’s on your site and what it offers.

Improve Google Search Results with These Techniques

If you are on a quest to improve Google search results and experience real results, implement the tips found here. Usually, you are going to see a significant increase if you make an effort.

If you have a website and you want other helpful information about how to make it successful and keep it successful, then visit our site often. We regularly post new and helpful information about an array of digital marketing and website related topics.