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8 Top Website Redesign Tips for a More Effective Website

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The internet has at least 1.7 billion websites. It would be ridiculous to imagine that your website can be effective without putting any effort. Investing in great website design isn’t debatable.

Anyone visiting your website should know what you offer in less than 5 seconds. The first impression needs to be exceptional. If your website is not offering an optimal user experience, it’s probably time to think about redesigning the site.

Are you hoping to refresh your site? Here are top website redesign tips that you will need to incorporate for an effective site.  

1. Define Your Goals 

If you decide to redesign your website, your goals might have probably changed. You need to identify the objectives you hope to accomplish. Have them in writing and have a checklist to guide you through the process. 

Do you hope to get a new audience? Or, your goal is to rank highly on search results? Your redefined goals will determine the direction you take. Ensure that you have specific goals and a realistic timeline to help you through the change.

While at it, you have to think about the users and what they consider a good website. You don’t want to focus solely on what’s bringing you traffic without considering the value the visitor gets by visiting your site. Your goals should have a win-win situation. 

2. Consider White Space 

More is less. One of the web design trends of 2020 that should feature in your website redesign is the aspect of minimalism. White space on your website will allow your visitors to flow through the site pages seamlessly. 

The visual hierarchy emanating from white space has significant impacts on a site. It provides a sort of a breathing room as users can rest their eyes through the pages. What’s more, white space increases comprehension. 

If your site hasn’t been offering the best experience to users, here’s an opportunity. Improving the UX will have considerable impacts on your online business. 

3. Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

A mobile-friendly website will have you in Google’s good books. Google introduced the mobile-first indexing, which means that it determines how to rank sites based on their mobile-friendliness. If you’re hoping to improve your rank, work on ensuring that users get an exceptional mobile experience. 

More importantly, many people are accessing the internet through their smartphones. A mobile device is convenient for people who are accessing sites on the go. You can tap from this audience by ensuring that your website is mobile responsive.

4. Prioritize Site Speed

Did you know that half of the people visiting your site can’t wait if it takes more than three seconds? Unfortunately, users don’t have the patience to wait for a slow page to load. They will jump ship within seconds. 

In website redesigning, the speed of your site should be a priority. Speed influences bounce rate, conversions, and revenue. Visitors can’t stick around a slow site, meaning that you’re likely to lose crucial leads.

Search engines further use the page loading speed to determine how to rank. You can make your site load faster by ensuring that your images are optimized, check your hosting plan, HTTP requests, and content delivery network, among other aspects that influence the loading speed.

5. Focus on SEO in Website Redesign 

Search engine optimization is one of the trends that will continue to dominate digital marketing even in years to come. SEO should be central to your content creation. While you might be having quality content, it might never reach its intended users unless you optimize it for the audience and browsers.

SEO will increase your organic traffic by a significant percentage. You can improve your SEO by conducting keyword research. If your content has relevant keywords, you’re likely to rank higher. 

Note that the ranks take time to grow. With the plethora of quality content on the internet, you have to be patient and establish credibility with Google. With time, you’ll start seeing conversions, and the future can only get better.

6. Add Follow and Share Buttons 

Your client can help you to market your offers and content. As such, you should allow them to pass the word. With share buttons on your website, you increase the chances of getting significant social media traffic from people reading your content.

It is vital to ensure that your social media pages have valuable content. There’s no point in asking your page visitors to share sites only for potential clients to be disappointed once they click through. Work on all your websites as they are your online brand.

7. Use Appropriate Images 

Visuals are timeless. Most users are likely to interact more with the images as opposed to the text. As such, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to use the right images for your website. 

You can get millions of photos for free. However, it is always good to work with genuine images that depict your staff or products. Actual photos will add realism to your brand.

While at it, add custom illustrations to your website. Stock images are a thing of the past, and they shouldn’t feature in your website redesign. There are several modern web design illustrations that you can choose for your site. 

8. Restructure Your Content 

Your site’s content prompts users to go through the pages. Don’t focus solely on the product description. The content should be valuable for users visiting your website.

It would be best to research more on how to come up with quality content. Knowing how to use SEO will give you a competitive advantage. Use keywords appropriately and ensure that you structure your words in the right way. 

If need be, hire professionals to develop content for your site. It would be a small price to pay for the traffic you’ll get.  

A Website Redesign Will Make Your Digital Marketing More Effective 

With the trends in website design, having an outdated website will be a disfavor to your brand. It would help if you researched more about website redesign to establish what can work for your business. Fortunately, you can consult an expert web designer to redesign the site for you. 

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