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  1. questionHow can I integrate my PagerDuty.com account?
    Please log-in to your PagerDuty.com account and go to Configuration -> Services. For each Service set-up in your account there should be an API key listed. The exception would be if you are using ...

  2. questionCan I setup a custom escalation policy for alerts?
    Although we do not offer this option directly in your Siteuptime.com account we have partnered with PagerDuty.com to support custom escalation policies. Please see the following for more details: ...

  3. questionCan you monitor slow load times?
    The way our monitoring works is not exactly like an actual web browser. We don't load all the images and/or dynamic elements (flash movies, etc...) We just send a Head request and/or a Get request ...

  4. questionDo you send alerts for each check period?
    No, sorry for any confusion. We do not send an alert each time we check your website if the website is up. We only send an alert if we receive a failed check. This alerts you to the start of an o ...

  5. questionWhat is HTTP Authentication Monitoring?
    HTTP Authentication monitoring allows us to log-in to a secure area of your website and check to ensure the log-in process and resulting landing page are working correctly. You would provide us wi ...

  6. questionHow can I see response times for each check?
    Unfortunately we do not keep records for individual response times when our checks are successful. Rather we just record a daily average. However, for any failed check we do record individual resp ...

  7. questionWill your monitoring work with web pages that require cookies?
    Unfortunately our monitoring bot(s) do not work exactly like a web browser does. So they are unable to accept cookies. As such some web pages that require cookies, or try to set them and then pe ...

  8. questionIs SiteUptime having any system issues right now?
    Please see our public system status page for any current issues: Siteuptime System Status

  9. questionHow can I add additional alert email contacts?
    This feature is available with our paid plans only. In your control panel, select "My Monitors" and then "Edit" for the monitor you wish to add contacts for. Add additional email addresses in the ...

  10. questionCan I disable my monitoring for a short period of time?
    Yes. In your control panel, click on "My Monitors" and "Edit" for the monitor you wish to stop and then uncheck the "Active" checkbox. To re-activate, simply recheck the checkbox. You may also set ...

  11. questionHow can I add SMS alerts to my account?
    SMS alerts are available on our paid plans only and there is a .20 fee for each alert sent. Please submit an SMS credit deposit by clicking "Add SMS Credits" link in your account control panel. ...

  12. questionHow can I add more monitors to my account?
    Additional monitors are $2 per month per monitor. You can order more by clicking the "Add Monitors" link on the left menu of your control panel.

  13. questionHow can I display my uptime reports publicly?
    The link for your public reports page is listed in your control panel, under "My Reports" --> "Summary". Each monitor will have a unique public statistics page. You may also show a monitor stat ...

  14. questionWhat IP's do you use for your monitoring locations?
    The following IP addresses are used by our monitoring locations. If you use a firewall, or need to allow our locations to access your server, please use these IP's. For any failed check, we verif ...

  15. questionCan I test your SMS network to make sure I can receive SMS alerts?
    Yes, please visit http://www.siteuptime.com/test_sms.php

  16. questionMy failure log shows "Connection Timed Out", what does this error mean?
    This error means that our monitoring system could not reach your web site or server within the time out period. Typically, our system will wait a specified period of time for a response from your ...

  17. questionWhat does the green, red and grey icon next to my monitor mean?
    These icons represent the current status of your monitor. A green icon means your monitor was up on the last check. A red icon means your monitor was down on the last check and a grey icon means y ...

  18. questionDo you offer the ability to auto suspend my monitoring for a specific time of the week or month?
    Yes, we offer a maintenance or blackout schedule where you can automatically suspend your monitoring. This can be done for a specific period of time daily, weekly or monthly. You can set this up i ...

  19. questionMy failure log shows "Unable to Connect", what does this error mean?
    This is a generic error which indicates that our monitoring system could not reach your web site or server. The specific reason for the failure could not be determined.

  20. questionHow can I cancel my account?
    To cancel your account please send an e-mail to support@siteuptime.com with your request. Please be sure to email from the log-in email address for your account.

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