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How to Integrate Video Into Real Estate Marketing

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If you’re in real estate, you understand how important visuals are in making a sale. People looking to buy a house or rent an apartment want to picture themselves there, and business owners need to see where they’re setting up shop.

The decision to integrate video into real estate marketing is a natural choice for real estate marketers in the 21st-century. But there’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it.

Here’s our guide to using video to market real estate.

Integrate Video Into Your FAQ

Potential tenants, buyers, and investors will likely use your FAQ page to determine how much they can trust you.

For the most part, this page should be text based. But there are ways to use video to enhance it without damaging your sales pitch.

For instance, if visitors to your site are asking about the surrounding area, take them on a neighborhood video tour.

This will be more effective than a text-based analysis because a video tour leaves a lot less to the imagination than text-based descriptions. There’s no room for smoke-and-mirrors once the cameras start rolling, so this strategy is only for people willing to put their money where their mouth is.

It’s one thing to search “Realtors Charlotte NC“, but it’s quite different to see the Charlotte neighborhood you’ll be moving to.

There’s no room for smoke-and-mirrors once the cameras start rolling, so this strategy is only for people willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Give Video Tours of Your Properties

Just like you should give video tours of the neighborhood your property is in, one of the most obvious ways to integrate video into your real estate marketing strategy is using it to tour the property itself.

A lot of people find pictures of properties misleading. This can lead to honest landlords and realtors being called “scammers,” while the opposite is the case.

Providing a video tour of a property establishes a relationship of trust. Apartments, homes, and commercial properties are huge investments. That means you’ll need your buyers to trust you.

So give your tenants a video tour to let them know you aren’t trying to pull a fast one or a “bait and switch” on anybody who visits your property.

Include Video In Your Testimonials

Like the FAQ section of your website, your testimonials are important for those looking to establish a line of communication with visitors to your site.

If a shop owner has had a lot of success in one of your properties, or a family has enjoyed time spent raising their kids there, the first thing you should do is get them on video talking about it.

Whereas written testimonials can be fake, video testimonials leave little room for lies. That makes them a great way to use video.

Consider a Vlog About Your Location

If you have a company blog, a great way to integrate video into that process is by including a vlog.

The subject matter of this should depend on your clientele. You should spend plenty of time vlogging about your neighborhood to make it appealing.

Putting this up will make people investing in the area realize that you are also invested, in more ways than one. Giving your clients the opinion that you care is never a bad thing to do.

Monitor Your Website

Whether it’s integrating video or managing SEO, you need somebody in your corner to make sure your digital marketing strategy works.

And your strategy cannot work if your website is down.

We offer website monitoring service to make sure you know your site is down before visitors and customers.

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