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Downtime Calculator: Why Mortgage Sites Rely on Uptime

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Having your website go dark, even for just a few moments, is absolutely debilitating. Your business will lose customers, credibility, and money.

And as a mortgage site, all three of those are incredibly important. Without customers, you can’t function. Without credibility, you can’t gain more customers. And without either, you’ll lose out on money.

It’s a vicious cycle, but it’s one that can be avoided. If you’re concerned about what may happen during your site’s downtime, you’ll want to look into a downtime calculator.

Keep reading for some quick tips on finding a downtime calculator and how you can keep your site up and running.

Downtime Calculator: Why Uptime Matters For Your Mortgage Site

Your Site May Go Down Without Any Warning

Picture this: you’re getting ready to leave the office after a hard day of work. You’ve packed up your things, your files are neat and organized, and you’re shutting down your computer.

You get halfway home when a phone call breaks your concentration on tonight’s dinner. It’s someone from your uptime service, and they’re calling to let you know that your site is down.

The scary thing is, your site can go down at any minute without a word of warning.
Everything can be fine one moment and disastrous the next. Having an uptime service consistently monitor your website is absolutely crucial.

The second your site goes down you begin losing money. Amazon, for instance, was only down for a half hour. However, they lost over $66,000 in that brief period of time.

Even a successful business can’t afford to take that risk.

Using a Downtime Calculator to Determine Your Risk

Remember that Amazon example. All it took was 30 minutes and they lost a substantial bit of money. And that’s not even taking their public image into account.

Before you choose your uptime service, you’ll need to determine your downtime percentage.

First, you’ll need to take the total amount of seconds in a day (86,400).

Now, compare that to the number of seconds your site was down. Let’s stick with the Amazon example to make things easy. Since their site was down for 30 minutes, that translates to 1,800 seconds.

Now divide that 1,800 by 86,400 and you’ll have your downtime percentage. In this case, it would be 0.021, which when subtracted from 100 gives you 99.979% uptime.

Not bad in the grand scheme of things, is it? Not so fast.

You’ll want to find a calculator and put these numbers into dollar figures to find an exact amount of money lost.

See how a seemingly simple thing can spin out of hand rather quickly?

A Downed Site Leaves You — And Your Customers — Vulnerable

Aside from losing money, you put your customers at risk if you aren’t using an uptime service. When your site is down, it likely means that you’re more vulnerable to a DDoS attack.

During such an attack, hackers can gain valuable access to your files and records. If a hacker gained access to a VA interest rates site, for instance, they could likely gain valuable records. Not only is this horrible immediately, but it can leave you open to lawsuits.

You owe it to your clients to remain as secure as possible.

Keep Your Site Up and Secure

Your mortgage site deserves the best security around. That’s why we’re here to help. Be sure to browse our site and sign up for an account.

Even if you just sign up for a free monitoring account, you’ll leave yourself less vulnerable. Have any questions or just want to secure your site? Get in touch!