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How to Spice Up the Digital Presence for a “Boring Product”

Website Tips and Tricks

More than 100 million people watched Mobile Strike’s popular commercial, “Arnold Strike,” in 2016, making it the most watched ad of the year.

While every company would love to create an ad that nets millions of views, it isn’t easy if the product or service that you’re trying to sell isn’t as flashy or popular as videos games.

But even if you sell a so-called “boring product,” like toilets, gym shirts, or soap, it’s still possible to spice up your digital presence to gain followers, shares, and ultimately land sales.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Focus on why your brand is different

Regardless of the product or service that you’re selling, there’s something unique about you and your company.

Maybe the company has been in your family for generations. Or you give back to your local community or a specific charity each year.

Your unique twist could even be something as simple as offering a product in colors and patterns that no one else has.

Whatever your unique story is, use it as the focal point of your digital presence.

Introduce new customers to your story first, rather than immediately showing them your product, and you’ll help draw them in.

2. If you can’t make jaws drop or draw laughs, educate instead

Having an exciting, flashy, popular product makes it easy to develop a marketing plan. Especially when you have unlimited finances for advertising.

But for smaller companies looking to develop a successful digital presence on a budget, drawing laughs or making customers’ jaws drop when they see your innovation might not be so easy.

Instead, consider using your expertise to educate.

Think about what aspects of your industry your customers may not be familiar with. List statistics or facts related to your product and industry. Share new studies, journal articles, or news about changes in the industry.

These tactics help to allow your expertise to shine through. Customers will also be more likely to share facts, stats, and other educational material, giving your social media marketing a boost.

3. Give your brand a face

Customers feel loyalty towards brands that they feel have their best interests in mind. Oftentimes, those brands are the ones that put forth a human-like digital presence.

They use language like “we” and “our.” They feature photos of real people selling or using their products. Sometimes their websites even feature photos and bios of the owners, managers, or employees.

Even massive corporations benefit from giving their brand a more relatable, human-like appearance.

For instance, PayPal, amid declining customer satisfaction, launched a new marketing plan in 2013 that ended up helping them gain an additional 329,000 social media followers and a 207 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

That marketing plan included focusing on real-life customers that use PayPal. The company shared customer stories and photos on social media and on their website.

Your company can cash in on this trend by featuring photos of yourself or your customers, as well as success stories or customer testimonials, on your website and social media.

Build your own successful digital presence

Regardless of the product or service, you’re trying to sell, with a little work, it’s possible to build a digital presence that helps boost your company’s success!

Do you know another great tip for companies looking to promote “boring products?” Comment below!