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Law Firm SEO: Is Your Company Showing Up in Searches?

Website Tips and Tricks

96 percent of people seeking legal advice use an online search engine. And 74 percent of people who begin their search online end up calling an agency they found online.

If your website isn’t coming up in the search engines, you’re going to be left behind. Law firm SEO drives traffic to your website and subsequently, business to your firm.

Keywords Are The Key

Keywords are the way into any search engines heart, you just have to know which ones to use. For law firm SEO, you need to figure out what your potential clients will be searching.

The best way to disperse these keywords throughout your site is with content. Build stories around certain keywords like “client legal funding” and put them on your site’s blog.

Not only will you be providing helpful information for your potential clients, Google will recognize the content on your site and will reward you with a boosted ranking.

Put Yourself On The Map

When people are searching for a local business, more often than not they’re using a mapping application. You need to make sure your firm is recognized and listed on the most prominent ones.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a free Google My Business account and input your firm’s address and contact information. Google will then send a postcard to your listed address with a verification code that will verify you as a legitimate business.

Now to boost your law firm SEO on Google maps listings you’ll need to populate your profile with pictures, information about your firm, and reviews. Reviews are a huge component of shooting up in the mapping

Reviews are a huge component of shooting up in the rankings. The more five-star ratings your firm receives, the higher your ranking will go.

Mobile Law Firm SEO

More and more of your clients will be searching for law firms on their phones. Your website needs to be optimized to work on these mobile devices.

For one thing, your potential clients will take one look at an unoptimized desktop site on their phones and take their business elsewhere.

Even more importantly, not being mobile friendly will hurt your SEO. If a potential client searches for your website on their phone, and it is not optimized for mobile devices, your site will not show up on the search engine.

Avoid Website Downtime

Website downtime is an SEO killer. If search engines recognize your site as one that is often slow or down it will lower its rankings. Always make sure you are monitoring your website’s health.


Backlinks are links found on other web pages that link to your site. Search engines will recognize sites with a good number of backlinks. This is usually an indication of legitimacy in the eyes of search engine algorithms so you want your site to rack up as many backlinks as possible.

A good way to start garnering backlinks is to produce content worth linking to. If your firm’s blog produces something noteworthy, there’s a good chance it will get noticed. Another method is to submit to web directories.

Wrapping it Up

Follow these guidelines and your firm’s site should be at the top of the search rankings in no time. Just remember, your site is only effective as long as it remains available.

Make sure you are able to monitor your site so you always know when something goes wrong.