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5 Ways A Product Review Service Plays into Web Ranking

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Are you wanting higher rankings for your website? A product review service on your site can help you get there.

A product review service affects not only your customer’s buying decisions, but it can also help to give your website credibility and drive up your rankings.

This is because…

1. Content Is King

Allowing customers to post reviews is an easy way to generate content for a site, as in the Amazon customer reviews section. Along with user interaction, more content equals higher rankings.

Placing your own, or collecting, reviews of products in your niche packs your site with interesting, relevant content and gives you credibility when you do it well. These guys have done a great job with theirs – Best Belt Sander Reviews – The Nutty DIY Guide.

2. Reviews Speak Your Customer’s Language

Reviews do all the long tail keyword research for you. People that place these reviews represent the target market for that site and speak the language of your potential customers.

In effect, a collection of reviews answers all the questions that your customers are asking the search engines. If your website is providing the answers that people are looking for, its ranking can only go up in the eyes of any search engine.

3. Reviews Increase Social Media Engagement

Reviews are infinitely shareable and provide you with great content to include in your social marketing campaigns.

Likewise, if you publish a positive review about a business, chances are they will share it – earning you a valuable backlink.

4. More Reviews Mean More Clicks

Customer’s place a high emphasis on reviews when making a purchase decision. Surveys show that over 50% of customers usually read reviews before they buy a product online.

That’s a lot of traffic to boost your website rankings. Give customers what they are looking for,

5. Google Is Watching

Google keeps tabs of positive business reviews. Customer ratings have a major impact on which local businesses get into the coveted top spot during a local search. Lately, Google is placing a higher emphasis on displaying customer ratings.

In this regard, without reviews, your site is not even in the running.

How to Get the Most from a Review Service

Okay, you get it, a product review service is a good idea. What about bad reviews though?

Negative reviews are a chance to show off your outstanding customer service skills – use them to your advantage.

Encourage your customers to post their own reviews by offering incentives and replying to their comments. Signing up with a great third party review site, Google relies on them for objective opinions in determining your rankings.

Keep tabs on any reviews about your company and deal with them immediately. A Google alert is a great tool for checking up on what people are saying about you. You could even get a remote monitoring service to keep tabs on your reputation for you.

Of course, reviews don’t stand alone when it comes to rankings. A well-designed, SEO optimized website that works, will always perform well in search engine rankings. Make sure yours makes the grade.