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How the Top Sports Websites Boost Their Traffic

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The sports industry is dominated by big names.

And it’s not surprising when the sports market in North America alone should reach $73.5 billion by 2019. But in such a large industry, there’s plenty of room for competition.

If you want your sports website to succeed, you need to learn from those big names. That’s why we’ve put together some key ways the top sports websites boost their traffic.

Read on below to find out how they do it.

Keywords On Point

Even the best coverage won’t get anywhere with the wrong keywords.

Top sports websites know what sports fans will be searching for. They’ll do research on the most common phrases in their niche. This lets them rule the headlines when game time comes.

Sites that have their keywords in order will jump straight to the top of Google’s news results. That gets sites noticed and lets them control the conversation. Sites that sell sporting goods, like ec3dsports, can use these keywords to get them noticed.

Speedy Coverage

The top sports websites understand that sports have a short news cycle.

If you want to succeed as a sports website, you need to be quick. The fallout of most sporting events will only last a day or so. In some cases, it can be mere hours before post-event news starts to obscure it. The top sites get their articles written and posted ASAP.

Being quick on the draw lets these sites ride the wave of social media and user comments. Articles posted in this short window are more likely to trend. They’ll also show up much higher in search results.

This also lets these sites set the topic of conversation. That way their coverage becomes vital to fans – and that goes double in cases of controversy.

Made to Share

Top sports websites know that discussion is everything in sports.

The first thing fans want to do after a big game is talk about it. Smart sites enter the conversation. Making their content shareable gets them noticed and shared on social media. Once again, this exploits the topics as they trend.

Shareable content can take various forms. A short subtitle video or a captioned image could be all a site needs. Sports sites know the kind of content that goes viral, and they do everything they can to make it happen.

This also lets sites repurpose their content. They can convert stories into short videos and memes to get more mileage out of content that might be about to drop in relevance.

Mobile Content

Mobile-friendly content has become more important than ever for search rankings.

But that might go double for sports sites. As we’ve mentioned, sports are about conversations. Fans will be live tweeting or browsing Facebook while they’re at sporting events and immediately afterward. A lot of readers will be on the move.

The best sites understand this and have mobile-friendly sites so they’re accessible anywhere. Those that don’t immediately cut themselves out of the conversation – and out of the traffic.

Sports websites get to the top by paying attention. They do their research and keep on top of current trends. In a world of speedy articles and intense conversation, they need to be smart with their strategy.

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