8 Ways A Website Can Build Powerful Backlinks

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Backlinks are a great way to promote a business. Best of all, it’s a free way to do it.

But many e-commerce sites don’t realize how powerful backlinks are. They also don’t know how to use them properly.

If used properly, backlinks can really improve a company’s rankings on Google and other search engines. When used incorrectly, they can backfire and hurt an e-commerce site’s rankings.

So with that in mind, here are eight ways in which a website can build powerful backlinks.

1. Fix All the Errors

There is no possibility of powerful backlinks working when there are errors within a company’s website. So the first step is to search the site to check for them.

Several problems can reduce backlinks into being part of Google’s hit list. Loading speed is one of them.

Consumers aren’t even willing to wait longer than three seconds for a site to load.

A site that’s not mobile ready will also lose out. So will a site that relies on duplicating its own content. Or worse yet, steals it from another site.

404 links are another problem to look out for. These are links that are no longer valid.

Often it’s because the other site is no longer a viable website. Clean those out as soon as possible.

2. Write Guest Posts for Another Site

This isn’t about finding any old site and asking to write for them. There is a method for building powerful backlinks.

First, don’t look for websites that receive little to no traffic. Focus on quality, well-established sites with higher volume than the website that needs more backlinks.

Write for sites that have something in common with the site that needs more backlinks. Then try to write for them more than once.

Also, while nonfollow links aren’t great for SEO, they are fantastic to gain more followers on social media. They can also increase traffic back to the writer’s site.

3. Write Testimonials

There is a way to write testimonials that create powerful backlinks. Every company loves testimonials.

It helps build their online reputation and builds trust with their consumers.

If a product or service is worth speaking about, write a testimonial for that website. But after writing that testimonial, send them an e-mail telling them it’s okay for them to place it on their website.

Often, even without asking, they’ll be happy to place a link back to the author’s website. This provides that company with further proof that the testimonial in question was written by a real person.

4. Search for Unlinked Mentions

Sometimes, other websites mention another company in a blog or social media post they’ve written. They don’t always mention it to the other company.

By using tools like BuzzSumo and, it’s easy to monitor whether or not this has happened.

When it does, check to see if they provided a correct link back. If not, send them a quick note thanking them. Then ask if they won’t mind adding a link on their website.

Doing this is an easy way to grab powerful backlinks.

5. Subscribe to HARO

Talk about an easy way to grab backlinks, signing up for HARO is definitely one of them. HARO stands for “Help a Reporter Out”.

Simply sign up as a source. Every weekday (holidays excluded) HARO sends out e-mails three times. The e-mails are filled with requests from reporters from every type of medium asking for credible sources to help them write their article.

All that’s required is to send a response back to that reporter answering the question. If chosen, they will then happily provide links back to all websites who were mentioned in their article.

Media outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, Fox News, and Time Magazine are all users of HARO.

6. Produce Valuable Content

Without great content, no one will want to visit a website. No one will want to link to a website.

Nor will any media outlet want to interview someone who produces poor content.

Content is the last but most important tool for creating powerful backlinks.

The content doesn’t have to be perfect. But it does have to have passion behind its words. If the writer doesn’t care, why would anyone else?

7. Keep the Links Relevant

Powerful backlinks are built by linking to relevant sites. A site that sells stocks might want to link back to Small Cap Power.

The two have a lot in common and would help them both achieve greater authenticity with their consumers.

But a site that sells tennis shoes shouldn’t link to another site that sells real estate.They have literally nothing to do with one another.

So make sure the content themes have something in common. This is especially true for the content on the page that has the links.

8. Properly Anchor the Text

When using an anchor text, there are a few rules to follow. First off, an anchor text is the keyword used to link back to another site.

In this scenario, let’s use SiteUpTime FAQs. Those words are bolded and there is a link to the domain:

Search engines use these to quickly figure out what a site and the content is about. If the anchor texts make no sense in relation to the domain, then it can be penalized.

However, if the anchored text is used properly and appropriate keywords are used, then this can provide many powerful backlinks for a site.

Powerful Backlinks: Wrap Up

When a website goes down, it can be catastrophic for a business. For one, there’s a loss of potential revenue.

But a site that has gone down also faces a loss of potential trust from its customers. If the site goes down, it can feel as though that company is less dependable.

It’s imperative that every e-commerce site relies on a trustworthy business to help them monitor their sites 24/7. That way, if a site does crash for any reason, they can work quickly to get their site back up and running.

So don’t wait for a catastrophe to strike, register for an account today.

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