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How Website Speed Can Prevent a High Bounce Rate

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Do the words “high bounce rate” make you nervous? If you answered yes, your website’s page load time should be critically important to you.

Did you know? Even so much as a 1-second delay in the load time of your web page can have serious negative implications.

Per the 2008 study referenced here, a 1-second delay could amount to up to 11% fewer page views, a decrease in customer satisfaction, and fewer conversions. Just imagine how much higher those percentages must be today!

Read on, and we’ll go into more detail about how the speed of your website can affect your bounce rate.

Speed Matters

It should be crystal clear now how important page load times are to the overall success of your website.

Have a slow website with long page load times, and you risk alienating your current customer base and pushing new viewers away before they’ve even gotten a chance to understand your value proposition.

If the home page of your website won’t load quickly enough to satisfy visitors, you’ll suffer from a high bounce rate and they will bounce right off of your website and onto someone else’s.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Another important factor certain to impact the success of your website is whether or not it’s been optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

The average amount of devices that a digitally connected consumer owns is 3.64. As this number will likely only continue to increase over the next several years, this isn’t a segment of users you don’t want to risk losing out on.

Optimize your website and each of its individual pages for mobile devices such as tablets and Apple or Android smartphones, and you will benefit from a lower bounce rate on those platforms.

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Don’t Let a High Bounce Rate Get You Down

The key to ensuring that your website does not have a high bounce rate lies in focusing on page load speed, mobile device optimization, and finally, the overall uptime of your website.

Nail these three things, and you’ll be on the fast track to website success with more page views, increased customer satisfaction, and a high conversion rate.

Location Is Everything

Apart from the speed and uptime rate of your website, another crucial consideration for businesses should be the location of your office. Without having access to a reliable, secure, and fast internet connection, it will be much harder to guarantee your website’s success.

If you’re unable to reliably connect to the internet in your office space, how are you supposed to update and monitor your website? In order to see success, you’ll need a stable connection to the internet.

This is where location comes into play. For example, you might want to consider something similar to this Macomb County Office Space.

How We Can Help

If you’re looking to improve the uptime of your website and keep both your current customers and new viewers informed and engaged, you may want to consider contacting us.

We’ll monitor your website for you and ensure your website is active and everything is working as it should be.

Spend less time focusing on your website’s uptime, and you’ll have more time to spend on the important things. Like guaranteeing your web page doesn’t have a troubling bounce rate.