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Top 4 SEO Tricks for Automotive Websites


Google has over 200 signals that it watches for when ranking web pages. How can your automotive website keep up? By prioritizing. Here are SEO tricks to keep you climbing higher.

Guest Posting

Build backlinks to your website by writing posts for authoritative blogs in your niche. You’ll have to pitch your article ideas on each one.

Pick blogs that your customers are likely to visit so that you can connect with them, like on auto collision repair websites. You’ll establish yourself as an expert while driving traffic back to your site with a call-to-action in your content.


Blogging has become even more critical in ranking organically with Google’s evolving algorithm. But not just any type of content will do. Avoid shady SEO tricks.

Provide helpful, engaging content on a consistent basis; Google likes fresh content. In fact, according to HubSpot, publishing 16 blog posts a month brings in 3.5 times the traffic compared to four posts per month.

Your content will help you build relationships with potential customers too. Use this opportunity to educate and be helpful.

The longer a visitor stays on your site without clicking back to Google, the better. Google sees this as a signal that you’re serving up content that matters.

Local Search: SEO Tricks

Create a Google business profile and link your website to it. Optimize your Google Business listing by filling out every relevant section, making it complete. Upload your logo and a few photos of your business.

Also, get positive reviews and submissions in local online directories such as:

  • Yelp
  • Citysearch
  • Merchant Circle
  • Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Reviews matter more and more each day. Customers use online reviews to make buying decisions on a regular basis.

Creating Videos

Here’s an SEO trick that I bet your competitors aren’t taking advantage of (unless they read this article too). Did you know that videos are over 53 times more likely to show up on the first page in Google? They also get a higher click-through rate than plain text.

Google owns YouTube and gives YouTube videos a preference in the ratings. Not only that, YouTube is another huge source of traffic in itself.

Create a YouTube channel for your automotive business. Upload your videos with targeted keywords in the title and description to increase Google and YouTube top rankings.

Don’t forget keywords in your tags either. If you target long tail keywords, they’ll be much easier to rank for.

The vidIQ Vision for YouTube extension for Chrome is helpful in video marketing. While viewing a high-ranking video, it will show you views per hour, average watch time, social media likes and shares, and tags. Discover valuable details to use in your SEO tricks.

Next, embed the YouTube video that you just created in a page on your website. Beneath the video include text that relates to it. A great option is to have the video transcribed and place that text on the page.

Add the transcription to YouTube for more effective Google indexing. Finally, build links to this video and your channel to help them climb to the top of Google faster.

What’s the Bottom Line?

It’s difficult to keep up with Google’s ranking signals all at once. Instead, focus on a few solid SEO tricks at a time. The ones we mentioned above are a good start.

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