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Quick Tips on Content Syndication


A whopping 64% of companies surveyed use content syndication as the core of their lead generation strategy. But, what is content syndication and how can you do it so it most benefits your business?

Here I give you my top seven tips on quality content syndication to make sure your efforts give you the juice you’re looking for.

7 Tips on Content Syndication

Before launching into a breakdown of how it’s done, what the heck is content syndication anyway?

What is Content Syndication?

After you have written some amazing content for your site how do you get people to read it? Getting your content re-published on any third party site is considered content syndication. These sites can include social media, other industry relevant blogs, basically any site that is using your content on their feed.

Repurposing and republishing your content in different parts of your site could also be a part of your strategy. Keep reading for some of my top tips on content syndication so you can get it done well.

Our Tips on Content Syndication

If no one ever reads your blog post did you really write it? Well, yes, I guess you did, but more importantly, does it matter and give your site a boost in leads and conversions? This should be your goal.

Here’s how to make it happen.

Repurposing Content

The best way to make your content work for you is repurposing what you already have. Take a piece that’s getting some traction and repurpose it as another type of content.

You can make it into a LinkedIn article, create an infographic post with the information, take the text and make it into a whiteboard video. You have options to get more out of each piece of content you write. This gives you more bang for your content buck.

Social Media Presence

If you could reach an audience of over 2 billion people would you do it? This is the number of users across all social media platforms. There are hundreds of them.

A key to successfully using social media is making sure your content is shareable. Use quality images, embed video, make sure your articles are relevant but scannable. Use headings and numbered lists to your advantage to catch the reader’s attention and help them make it through your whole piece. Once you have made sure your content is going to be well-received shoot it out to the entire social media kingdom.

There are even programs that will help you sign up and post to all the social networks at once automatically. While automation seems like the no-brainer there should be some personal curating as well. Choose one or two of your most popular social media accounts to actively be responsive on and then use automation software to post to all the others. This gives your audience more of a genuine vibe and won’t make you seem sketchy.

Social media is one of the fastest ways to get your content shared all over the internet.

Reaching Out to Third Party Sites

There’s always the tried and true method of reaching out to third-party sites and simply asking to be featured. This is the digital age’s answer to pounding the pavement and knocking on doors.

Do some research and find some blogs and sites in your niche that are killing it in your industry. Dig in and find the person in charge of their content. Reach out to that person and showcase the content you have created that would be perfect for their blog as well.

They may give you a backlink or could publish your whole article on their site as well.

Republish Existing Content

I talked about repurposing your content but what about republishing? This takes some know-how and research on your part.

Figure out some of your best ranking content pieces. Take those and spin them (which means to breathe new life into them and changing enough for it not to be considered duplicate). Then republish the spun original content to your blog.

This gives you the juice of two articles with only the grunt work of one.

Building A Subscriber List

People who love you want to hear from you. Building a subscriber list, by obtaining an email from each person who visits your site, allows you to spread the news everytime you post on the site.

These people love your business and want to hear what you have to say. They are your ride or die and will be the most likely to read and use your content. Don’t leave them hanging. Send out an email weekly, or at least monthly, to get new content out there.

Hire A Virtual Assistant

One of the easiest ways to get all of the above done efficiently and consistently is to hire a virtual assistant. One of their main jobs can be to take all the content already on your site and repurpose/republish it. They can respond to comments and questions via social. They can be your content syndication ninja.

Using a virtual assistant in the right ways can free you up to do that thing you do best, running your business and crafting original content for your brand.

Publish Consistently

Consistency, as in all things, is key when it comes to an effective content strategy. The more a business blogs and shares content the more interaction they have with their customer base.

This is the first step in getting more conversions. You should be aiming to post content at least once a week, if not 2-3 times a week. This is another job for your virtual assistant.

Turn your operation into a content producing and syndication machine. Stay on the top of people’s minds. That way, when they have a need for your service, you’ll be the first business that they think of.

Content Syndication Takes Consistency and Time Management

Getting the most out of your content syndication strategy requires, well, an actual strategy. You need to know when things are going out and where you are posting them to. You need to be consistently repurposing and republishing old content.

You need to be reaching out to your core audience on a regular basis.

Once you get this system running like a well-oiled machine it will be worth it. You will see more leads rolling in and more conversions on your bottom line.

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