Direct Mail Advertising

5 Impressive Benefits of Direct Mail Advertising


One of the pillars of society over the past few centuries, the mail system has been a primary source of communication across the globe.

That is why mail is still a fantastic way to advertise for any business. Some experts may assume that television, email, or the internet are the best avenues to reach customers.

But there are still huge benefits of direct mail advertising that are not present in any other form of ads. If you are looking to spice things up and reconnect with your potential customer base, continue reading for the clear advantages of direct mail advertising.

1. Mail Is More Personal

When someone receives a paper or physical item in the mail, it’s much more personal than alternatives. In a fast, click-based technology world, users are so accustomed to scrolling over an email or a notification that pops up.

As online ads have become so prevalent, we have adapted to consistently ignore them. That also goes for banner ads on a loaded page online. Even if you don’t realize you’re doing it, you’ve trained your brain to tune out online ads in a way that you never could with mail.

However, studies show that over 90% of mail ads are opened, and online ads are typically only one-third of that success rate.

2. Grab Their Attention Longer

Even if an online ad initially grabs the attention of the user, the ad is less likely to hold their consideration for even a few moments. But with direct mail marketing, the average time spent absorbing the advertisement is much longer.

Not being able to quickly click and close an ad away helps to extend the life of your ad. This can give an ad the extra chance it needs to grab the attention needed.

3. Responses Are More Likely

One of the direct mail advertising benefits is the higher chance to induce a response. Simply put, the extra time and personal nature of the ad not only increase the chance of the ad succeeding but also the chance for a response at all.

The main goal of advertising is for the recipient to consider and think about the ad, and they will certainly do this. 

4. Easier to Monitor

Another huge plus of direct mail advertising is that it’s easier for the advertiser to monitor how successful the ads truly are with statistics. Tracking online ads can involve overly-complicated metrics that make it too confusing to know if your ads are actually working.

5. Direct Mail Advertising Is Traditional

People in general are mort comfortable with anything that is traditional. This is the case with direct mail advertising.

You’ll connect with a different customer base that doesn’t spend a lot of time online. 

Switch It Up: Use the Mail

Now that you know some of the amazing advantages of direct mail advertising, you may want to rush right away and alter your ad strategies. Remember, no form of advertising is perfect, but in the internet age, ads through the mail have become an underrated way to reach new eyes.

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