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Is Water Softener Good for Your Skin?

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Are you wondering whether a water softener is good for your skin? Many people look for ways to keep their skin looking and feeling healthy. In 2020, the global skincare market was over $143 billion!

If you struggle with dry skin or itchy skin problems, it may be the water you use. Keep on reading to learn more about water softeners and if they can help you!

What Is a Water Softener?

Water softeners remove minerals that cause hard water. These minerals can build up, causing damage to your home. It removes magnesium and calcium concentrations. 

Calcium and magnesium can combine with metals and clog pipes and drains. You can see it in bathrooms on showerheads. It’s the rust-colored residue that forms and blocks the flow of water. 

A water softener reduces the build-up so that your plumbing can work well. It stops clogs and cleans the water. If you have noticed that you have dry skin, it could mean that you need a water softener. 

Salt-Free Water Softener

When you decide to change your water filtration system, you may not know what to use. Which kind of water softener will be the best for your home? 

A salt free water softener works by changing the structure of minerals in the water. If you’ve had itchy skin, you may not want to use a salt-based water softener. It replaces minerals with sodium, which can make you have dry skin and cause you to itch. 

With a salt-free water softener, you will have fewer problems with dry skin and enjoy a clean feeling bath. Saltwater softeners sometimes feel slimy. Many people complain that they feel as though they can never get clean enough. 

You also get a water filtration system that provides clean drinking water. It takes the chlorine out and doesn’t make it taste salty. Most of us don’t need extra sodium in our diets, so a salt-free water softener could make us feel better. 

Water and Skin Issues

Using any softener is better than not using one at all. The best water softeners will work for your skin and not against it. 

If you feel like you can never get the soap off of you, you may be right. Hard water makes it difficult to rinse off well. It also makes you use more water to get clean.

When you have residual soap on your body, you end up with itchy skin, dry skin, and sometimes issues like eczema. It can also cause acne, and no one wants that!

The Best Water Softeners

If you’ve planned to get a water filtration system, but don’t know which to get, don’t let it overwhelm you. A water softener will help your home and your body no matter which one you choose.  

When you want to make your skin look and feel healthy, a water softener will work wonders. Since soft water doesn’t have many minerals, your skin will stay fresh, making it look and feel amazing. Check out the rest of our site for more guides and content like this.