Google Analytics

What Is Google Analytics and How Does It Work?

Google, the behemoth tech company worth a staggering $279.3 billion, devised an incredibly efficient analytical tool for search engine optimization and online marketing. This tool, known as Google analytics, offers crucial insight into the behavior of your website’s visitors to help businesses improve their marketing endeavors.  So, what is Google Analytics exactly, and why is […]

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Boost Your Website With Pay Per Click

PPC Guide: 6 Ways to Boost Your Website With Pay Per Click

Are you planning to start a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign? With over 1.8 billion websites across the world, PPC is a good way to get some instant recognition. It’s especially when you’re launching a new website. It brings qualified and targeted traffic. However, reaping consistent and scalable benefits requires the right PPC strategy. Keep reading our PPC […]

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