5 SEO Strategies to Promote Your Wellness Site

wellness site

Did you know the wellness industry is worth almost 3 times as much as the pharmaceutical industry?

It’s also growing very quickly. In fact, the size of the worldwide wellness industry increased 10% between 2013 and 2015.

But the rapid growth of the industry has lead to high levels of competition. As a result, it’s getting harder and harder to compete for top spots on SERPs.

Let’s take a quick look at 5 SEO tips you can use to attract more high-quality leads to your wellness site!

1. Improve Your Loading Speed

With the growth of mobile users, page loading speed is more important than ever. More than 50% of mobile users exit a site if it loads longer than 3 seconds.

Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to speed up your wellness site.

First, you need to optimize every image on your website. You can accomplish this in three ways:

  1. Crop out unnecessary parts
  2. Reduce the resolution
  3. Compress the image

Next, check your hosting. If you’re on a shared hosting plan, consider upgrading to a cloud VPS plan.

Finally, curtail the external scripts on your site. Also, if you use WordPress, only include necessary plugins.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

Producing content without keyword research is short-sighted.

Use keyword research tools such as Google AdWords to find low-competition keywords related to your business. These are easier to rank for, which means they attract more users to your site.

Next, make a long list of keywords that are low competition but also have a high number of searches per month. Once you have your list, use it to come up with blog topics.

3. Use Your Keywords Properly

Having the right keywords is not enough. You also need to know how to utilize them properly.

If you want to rank for the long-tail keyword massage girls Dubai, for example, you can’t litter your content with it. This will actually hurt your search engine ranking.

Instead, start off by including your keyword in the title. Next, place it in one of your sub headers as well.

Of course, you still need to sprinkle it into your writing. However, don’t go overboard, and make sure it blends in seamlessly. Don’t forget to change your image names to include the keyword, too.

4. Make Use of Internal Links

One of the easiest ways to improve SEO is to sprinkle internal links into your content.

Internal links help lower your bounce rate by directing visitors to other pages of your wellness site. A high bounce rate signals a low-quality site since visitors leave after only looking at one page.

However, be careful with your anchor text. High-quality anchor texts are both succinct and relevant to the pages they link to.

5. Optimize Your Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a short paragraph found under page titles on SERPs. It serves as a brief description for the web page.

You want to keep your meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters. Otherwise, you may end up cutting them off mid-sentence.

However, provide a detailed value proposition in the meta description. Also, include a CTA if possible.

Always avoid using the same meta description for multiple pages. Google isn’t very fond of duplicate content.

Get the Most Out of Your Wellness Site

The strategies outlined above will help improve your ranking on Google.

Remember to put your keywords in the right places. Also, cut out unnecessary webpage components to improve page load time.

However, none of these changes pay off unless potential customers can reach your site. Contact us to find out how we can help prevent you from losing leads and customers.

The Increasing Importance of Website Speed for Modern Garage Businesses

modern garage

If you are a business owner that deals with modern garage door inventory or if you are a business owner that owns a modern garage door, you will want to read this post.

You may not realize how much web speed could be impacting your business. But, it’s been shown to be a major factor in driving potential customers to your brand, determining your place in online rankings, gaining visibility, and ultimately increasing your revenue.

Stick around to learn why website speed should be high on your priority list!

What’s Web Speed Got to Do With Your Modern Garage Business?

If it has never dawned on you how internet speed could be affecting your modern garage business, you are not alone. There are many businesses who probably don’t consider it to be a priority. But, internet speed matters to smaller businesses, like A-1 Doors, as much as it matters to the biggest corporations.

In fact, if you own a small or mid-sized company, then there’s a chance that your web speed may matter even more.

Web Speed Impacts Google Rankings

Forbes reports that 3.5 billion people perform Google searches every day, and many of these are to locate local goods or services that these users intend to purchase. Google applies over 250 ranking factors to these searches, and one of them is your based on your website speed.

Web Speed Drives Traffic

The same source as above also claims that Google users are likely to abandon your web site if it takes more than a few seconds to load. In fact, Forbes states that 40% of users will give up on your site if it does not load in three seconds or less.

If you are still wondering how this is affecting your modern garage business or practically any business that you can think of, consider how much traffic that you gain through organic local searches.

This should help you connect the dots as to why speed matters.

Web Speed Impacts Potential Revenue

What if your potential local customer is searching Google for the exact service that you provide? But, your site speed lags, and your customer goes on to find another service provider whose site loads in just a couple of seconds. There’s a good chance that you just lost a valuable customer due to slow web speed.

How to Increase Your Web Speed

Now that you know that your potential profits could depend on the speed of your website, you might be wondering how you can optimize your speed.

Increasing your site’s speed won’t just boost your spot in Google rankings, it will also boost your customer’s user experience, which is likely to result in greater rates of customer satisfaction.

First, you should run a speed test to find out exactly how fast (or slow) your site speed really is. This will give you a starting point as to what needs to be done to make sure that your site is as user-friendly as possible.

Site Uptime is one online speed boosting service who offers free or reasonably priced packages for you to choose from.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Web Speed?

Your web speed can create an improved user experience, increase traffic to your site and result in greater customer accessibility.

If you are ready to take your modern garage door business to the next level, click here to get started boosting your web speed today!

Downtime Calculator: Why Mortgage Sites Rely on Uptime

fotolia 158582238 subscription monthly m

Having your website go dark, even for just a few moments, is absolutely debilitating. Your business will lose customers, credibility, and money.

And as a mortgage site, all three of those are incredibly important. Without customers, you can’t function. Without credibility, you can’t gain more customers. And without either, you’ll lose out on money.

It’s a vicious cycle, but it’s one that can be avoided. If you’re concerned about what may happen during your site’s downtime, you’ll want to look into a downtime calculator.

Keep reading for some quick tips on finding a downtime calculator and how you can keep your site up and running.

Downtime Calculator: Why Uptime Matters For Your Mortgage Site

Your Site May Go Down Without Any Warning

Picture this: you’re getting ready to leave the office after a hard day of work. You’ve packed up your things, your files are neat and organized, and you’re shutting down your computer.

You get halfway home when a phone call breaks your concentration on tonight’s dinner. It’s someone from your uptime service, and they’re calling to let you know that your site is down.

The scary thing is, your site can go down at any minute without a word of warning.
Everything can be fine one moment and disastrous the next. Having an uptime service consistently monitor your website is absolutely crucial.

The second your site goes down you begin losing money. Amazon, for instance, was only down for a half hour. However, they lost over $66,000 in that brief period of time.

Even a successful business can’t afford to take that risk.

Using a Downtime Calculator to Determine Your Risk

Remember that Amazon example. All it took was 30 minutes and they lost a substantial bit of money. And that’s not even taking their public image into account.

Before you choose your uptime service, you’ll need to determine your downtime percentage.

First, you’ll need to take the total amount of seconds in a day (86,400).

Now, compare that to the number of seconds your site was down. Let’s stick with the Amazon example to make things easy. Since their site was down for 30 minutes, that translates to 1,800 seconds.

Now divide that 1,800 by 86,400 and you’ll have your downtime percentage. In this case, it would be 0.021, which when subtracted from 100 gives you 99.979% uptime.

Not bad in the grand scheme of things, is it? Not so fast.

You’ll want to find a calculator and put these numbers into dollar figures to find an exact amount of money lost.

See how a seemingly simple thing can spin out of hand rather quickly?

A Downed Site Leaves You — And Your Customers — Vulnerable

Aside from losing money, you put your customers at risk if you aren’t using an uptime service. When your site is down, it likely means that you’re more vulnerable to a DDoS attack.

During such an attack, hackers can gain valuable access to your files and records. If a hacker gained access to a VA interest rates site, for instance, they could likely gain valuable records. Not only is this horrible immediately, but it can leave you open to lawsuits.

You owe it to your clients to remain as secure as possible.

Keep Your Site Up and Secure

Your mortgage site deserves the best security around. That’s why we’re here to help. Be sure to browse our site and sign up for an account.

Even if you just sign up for a free monitoring account, you’ll leave yourself less vulnerable. Have any questions or just want to secure your site? Get in touch!

Law Firm SEO: Is Your Company Showing Up in Searches?

law firm seo

96 percent of people seeking legal advice use an online search engine. And 74 percent of people who begin their search online end up calling an agency they found online.

If your website isn’t coming up in the search engines, you’re going to be left behind. Law firm SEO drives traffic to your website and subsequently, business to your firm.

Keywords Are The Key

Keywords are the way into any search engines heart, you just have to know which ones to use. For law firm SEO, you need to figure out what your potential clients will be searching.

The best way to disperse these keywords throughout your site is with content. Build stories around certain keywords like “client legal funding” and put them on your site’s blog.

Not only will you be providing helpful information for your potential clients, Google will recognize the content on your site and will reward you with a boosted ranking.

Put Yourself On The Map

When people are searching for a local business, more often than not they’re using a mapping application. You need to make sure your firm is recognized and listed on the most prominent ones.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a free Google My Business account and input your firm’s address and contact information. Google will then send a postcard to your listed address with a verification code that will verify you as a legitimate business.

Now to boost your law firm SEO on Google maps listings you’ll need to populate your profile with pictures, information about your firm, and reviews. Reviews are a huge component of shooting up in the mapping

Reviews are a huge component of shooting up in the rankings. The more five-star ratings your firm receives, the higher your ranking will go.

Mobile Law Firm SEO

More and more of your clients will be searching for law firms on their phones. Your website needs to be optimized to work on these mobile devices.

For one thing, your potential clients will take one look at an unoptimized desktop site on their phones and take their business elsewhere.

Even more importantly, not being mobile friendly will hurt your SEO. If a potential client searches for your website on their phone, and it is not optimized for mobile devices, your site will not show up on the search engine.

Avoid Website Downtime

Website downtime is an SEO killer. If search engines recognize your site as one that is often slow or down it will lower its rankings. Always make sure you are monitoring your website’s health.


Backlinks are links found on other web pages that link to your site. Search engines will recognize sites with a good number of backlinks. This is usually an indication of legitimacy in the eyes of search engine algorithms so you want your site to rack up as many backlinks as possible.

A good way to start garnering backlinks is to produce content worth linking to. If your firm’s blog produces something noteworthy, there’s a good chance it will get noticed. Another method is to submit to web directories.

Wrapping it Up

Follow these guidelines and your firm’s site should be at the top of the search rankings in no time. Just remember, your site is only effective as long as it remains available.

Make sure you are able to monitor your site so you always know when something goes wrong.


5 Ways Slow Loading Kills Your Accommodation Site

slow loading

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to managing your accommodation site. You have to keep your listings up to date, process payments on time, and ensure every guest has a wonderful experience.

Unfortunately, all of that effort is wasted if your site doesn’t load quickly.

According to a 2016 report from Adobe, 41 percent of internet users will abandon a site if it takes too long to load. That’s a huge percentage of potential customers to lose.

Keep reading for the top 5 ways a slow loading page can do major damage to your bottom line.

5 Ways A Slow Loading Webpage Can Kill Your Business

1. If Your Page Doesn’t Load, Users Will Bounce

Most users have very little patience for a slow site. If they visit your accommodations page and it doesn’t show up almost immediately, they’ll bounce and visit a competitor instead.

In fact, most users will wait less than 3 seconds before they decide it’s not worth their time.

2. If Your Customers Stay, They’ll Think Less of Your Brand

Even if your customers do wait for your site to load, they will likely feel a little worse about the experience. They may put off their choice to book or scrap their plans altogether.

Remember, your slow site is taking up your customers’ precious time, and they won’t thank you for it.

3. Slow Loading Sites Feel Less Credible

This is especially important when you accept online payments. Your customers want to know that if they use your site, their reservation will be correct, their payment will go through, and their credit card information will stay secure.

A slow load time—especially during the checkout process—can make your customers questions your site’s credibility. If users don’t trust your brand, they’re unlikely to book.

4. Your Site Won’t Look How You Designed It

If your site’s speed is suffering, your customers won’t see the image you had in mind when you set up your site. Instead of the beautiful design, you paid for, they’ll see something half-loaded.

The best way to combat this problem is to design your site with load time in mind. Your images need to be optimized, your cache system should be on top of its game, and your design should be speed-friendly.

Whistler Premier does this by breaking up their different accommodation offerings onto new pages. Users are greeted with sleek, simple sections and invited to click to learn more about the type of rental they want to book.

5. SEO Suffers on Slow Sites

On top of everything else you need for a great SEO strategy, your site needs to load quickly. A slow load time can do major damage to your SEO rank.

After all, a slow site with a high bounce rate isn’t really offering a user-friendly experience.

Keep Your Accommodations Site up and Running with SiteUptime

At SiteUptime, we monitor your site to make sure it’s up and running when your customers need it. We send out alerts if we detect a problem and compile monthly analytics reports with everything you need to know about your site’s performance. Choose a plan today.

5 Ways A Product Review Service Plays into Web Ranking

product review service

Are you wanting higher rankings for your website? A product review service on your site can help you get there.

A product review service affects not only your customer’s buying decisions, but it can also help to give your website credibility and drive up your rankings.

This is because…

1. Content Is King

Allowing customers to post reviews is an easy way to generate content for a site, as in the Amazon customer reviews section. Along with user interaction, more content equals higher rankings.

Placing your own, or collecting, reviews of products in your niche packs your site with interesting, relevant content and gives you credibility when you do it well. These guys have done a great job with theirs – Best Belt Sander Reviews – The Nutty DIY Guide.

2. Reviews Speak Your Customer’s Language

Reviews do all the long tail keyword research for you. People that place these reviews represent the target market for that site and speak the language of your potential customers.

In effect, a collection of reviews answers all the questions that your customers are asking the search engines. If your website is providing the answers that people are looking for, its ranking can only go up in the eyes of any search engine.

3. Reviews Increase Social Media Engagement

Reviews are infinitely shareable and provide you with great content to include in your social marketing campaigns.

Likewise, if you publish a positive review about a business, chances are they will share it – earning you a valuable backlink.

4. More Reviews Mean More Clicks

Customer’s place a high emphasis on reviews when making a purchase decision. Surveys show that over 50% of customers usually read reviews before they buy a product online.

That’s a lot of traffic to boost your website rankings. Give customers what they are looking for,

5. Google Is Watching

Google keeps tabs of positive business reviews. Customer ratings have a major impact on which local businesses get into the coveted top spot during a local search. Lately, Google is placing a higher emphasis on displaying customer ratings.

In this regard, without reviews, your site is not even in the running.

How to Get the Most from a Review Service

Okay, you get it, a product review service is a good idea. What about bad reviews though?

Negative reviews are a chance to show off your outstanding customer service skills – use them to your advantage.

Encourage your customers to post their own reviews by offering incentives and replying to their comments. Signing up with a great third party review site, Google relies on them for objective opinions in determining your rankings.

Keep tabs on any reviews about your company and deal with them immediately. A Google alert is a great tool for checking up on what people are saying about you. You could even get a remote monitoring service to keep tabs on your reputation for you.

Of course, reviews don’t stand alone when it comes to rankings. A well-designed, SEO optimized website that works, will always perform well in search engine rankings. Make sure yours makes the grade.

5 Big Reasons Your Business Needs Website Monitoring

Your business needs website monitoring

Do you run a business? Whether your business is small or large, online or storefront, your business needs website monitoring. Customers need to be able to access your website at any time, and website monitoring is crucial to minimizing downtime.

Getting a business up and running is hard work. With so many elements that go into starting a business, it’s sometimes hard to see what is among the most important tasks. 

Your business’s digital presence is no doubt one of your biggest priorities at all times. Users want to receive the best experience when they come to your website. Anything less can result in the loss of potential customers.

Need more convincing? Keep reading to learn what website monitoring is and why your business needs website monitoring.

What is Server Monitoring?

Websites experience unexpected downtime every few years. This downtime can cause major damage to a business, even permanent closure for many. Sorting through this issue costs too much time and money when you’re trying to run a business.

It’s even worse when business owners are not aware that their systems need monitoring. If you run a website, you need to know right away when an outage happens to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. This is why your business needs website monitoring. 

A server monitoring service checks your servers’ functionality. It sends you an alert when your site is unreachable. This kind of service helps you to quickly address the problem, resulting in less downtime for your business’s website.

Your business needs website monitoring services so that you can have less worry over your website and more focus on your business. You don’t have time to fix your server overload or figure out why it went down.

Read on to learn the major reasons why your business needs website monitoring.

Why Your Business Needs Website Monitoring

Here are five big reasons why your business needs website monitoring:

1. Make Your Network More Reliable

If your server is down frequently or for extended periods of time, people who come to your website will find it to be unreliable. You need to be able to get your systems back online faster in order to be reliable to your customers. How reliable your network is depends on how quickly you can respond to and fix downtime issues.

Your business needs website monitoring so that you can stay on top of issues as they happen. You’ll be able to handle the issues before customers coming to your site realize anything was wrong.

However, if you’re scrambling on your own trying to figure out what went wrong, you’re likely to spend more time, money, and even customers while trying to fix the issue. 

2. Stay in Touch With Your Servers

You can’t anticipate when an outage is going to bring your server down. Who knows what time of day it will be, where you’ll be, or what you’ll be doing. Your business needs website monitoring so that you receive alerts when an outage occurs.

This way, you’ll always be in touch with what’s happening with your servers. You can use your smart phone to connect your email address and always receive automatic alerts when there’s a problem.

3. It’s More Affordable Than an Outage

Outages can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. This averages out to hundreds of dollars every minute your server is down! 

Your website monitoring service will pale in comparison to the cost of an outage. Website monitoring services often have very minimal costs. Some are even free.

What you pay in a year for a website monitoring service will be well worth your money when you see how much it can save you.

4. Troubleshoot Better

Website monitoring service gives you all the important details you need regarding your network. This kind of service logs every server check and every occurrence of an error, along with the date and time it occurred. 

You will have access to review those logs whenever you like. Doing so can help you identify trends in when errors happen, which can help you troubleshoot your system. Reviewing this information can help you pinpoint when a problem may be on the rise and mitigate it before it takes your server down.

5. Rest Assured Knowing You’re Saving Money

If your website goes down, you are losing several dollars per hour of downtime. Then, you’re paying extra to fix the problem and get your site back up as quickly as possible. And it doesn’t stop there.

Server downtime affects your whole business. You may see employee overtime expenses to make up for the downtime, and that will add up. Outsourcing the IT can cost you up to $100 an hour. 

For every hour your website is down, the expenses will keep adding up. Your business needs website monitoring to save money.

Free and Advanced Website Monitoring Services

Even if your website is up 99% of the time, this translates into over 7 hours per month where your customers cannot reach you. That’s a big deal for any size of business. Avoid this problem with website monitoring services.

Now that you know why your business needs website monitoring, consider SiteUptime. We help you eliminate downtime by providing free and advanced remote monitoring services for your website.

When your website goes down, we notify you instantly by email or SMS text message so that you may fix problems before they cost your business money, customers, or reliability. In addition, our service provides detailed statistics about your website’s availability and response times so that you can track how often your site is down.

We can monitor your website from diverse geographic regions to ensure that your website is accessible from multiple Internet points. Each monitoring location tests your website and reports the results to a central database.

Before alerting you of a problem, our software verifies the error with multiple stations. You’re getting notified about problems that you have control over and not about isolated Internet outages.

Ready to protect your business with website monitoring services? Compare our prices and features to find the best solution for your business!

How Remote Server Monitoring Benefits Engineering Sites

remote server monitoring

The internet has changed the way we do everything. From how we communicate, to how we entertain ourselves, to how we work. This is why, in order to reach their customers, most small businesses now have a website.

For engineers, these websites might be used to advertise services to clients or to help employees access important information. For these reasons, it’s critical that an engineering website stays up and running properly. For small firms, however, it can be difficult to keep up with their online presence.

This is where remote server monitoring can be helpful for engineering sites. With these services, engineers can rest assured that their site will always be accessible.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why server monitoring could be the right choice for your business.

Remote Server Monitoring Will Detect Small Problems

Every engineer knows how failing to recognize a problem in its early stages can quickly lead to a much larger issue.

For instance, let’s say you have a chemical storage building, and one of your storage barrels has a small, slow leak. If left unattended, this minor leak could easily develop into a highly dangerous and toxic situation. in a way, your company’s website is not much different.

Server monitoring systems will identify when your site needs updates, or if there are any irregularities or errors. This will allow the system to find and fix problems ahead of time. Without addressing these problems immediately, your site could become vulnerable to a virus.

Increase Security

The internet is a great way to make information about your engineering firm successful across the world. But it also opens up your business to potential security breaches. In fact, 90% of small businesses have been victims of hacking.

Luckily, a server monitoring system will be able to identify new security patches that are available. This will help protect your site from potential hackers and viruses, ensuring that your site is safe and reliable.

Plan for Downtime

There are few things more frustrating than logging on to work on your website, only to be met with a notification that you need to install updates.

These necessary updates will take hours. And during that time, your website will be inaccessible.

A server monitor will be able to alert you ahead of time of these necessary updates. This way, you’ll be able to schedule down time during a part of the day where few people will need to access your website.

Increase Productivity

When you use a server monitor, you save yourself the time that you won’t be spending monitoring your website. This way, you can focus on growing your business and working with clients, rather than keeping track of problems that can be easily handled remotely.

Making the Choice for Your Business

In short, server monitoring is an effective way to guarantee to your clients and employees that they will always be able to access the information they need.

If you’re interested in remote server monitoring for your business, contact us. We’ll work with you to identify the perfect service for your team.

Why Creating a Blog Post that Doubles as a Business Post Is a Great Marketing Technique

business post

Everyone knows that an online presence is an important business tool.

That may seem obvious, but many businesses still fail when it comes to their online strategy. Are you looking to increase web traffic? Blog posts are a great way to do it.

Blog posts are a great resource because they educate, excite, and engage consumers with your brand. It comes as no surprise that B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not.

Your business post needs to accomplish several different things. You’re looking to push your brand without being overly self-promoting. Additionally, a good blog post should move the funnel of the sales cycle. This all needs to be accomplished through a fun entertaining post.

Here are a few reasons why your posts can be a great marketing technique for your business.

Create a Conversation

A blog and business post is a great tool because it helps to create a conversation about your brand.

People might come to your site specifically for a blog post. They can read the post, learn more about your brand, and talk about your brand in the future.

They can also share these posts with others. This can help to create engagement on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Another benefit of blog posts is they can create engagement with the readers. Your business can invite readers to connect, ask questions, and interact with the brand.

All of these factors help lead readers down the sales funnel. Make sure you monitor the right metrics to find out if your message is effective.

Powerful Call to Action

The key to any business post is to get readers interested in making a purchase. One powerful marketing tool that accomplishes this is the call to action.

A call to action is something on your post that provokes an action response in the reader. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a purchase. It just needs to be something to entice a reader to take a next step on the buyer’s journey.

Take the website for this spray foam insulation as an example. The site is chock full of powerful CTAs that draw the readers attention. The reader has to weave through a “click here to call” button, a “leave us a review” button, and a “request a free quote” button.

Marketing is all about getting people to take action. Blog posts – with the help of CTAs – do just that.

Images and Video

Let’s face it: no one likes to read bulky text. So it’s important to include images and videos on your website.

A blog post is a great way to include these elements on your site. Large optimized images draw the readers attention and get them to click.

Likewise, videos can also be a useful tool. They help to express originality and personality to your brand while still educating readers.

Setting yourself apart from the competition can be difficult. But videos and images allow you a better chance to stand out from the crowd.

Your Next Business Post

Thinking about writing a business post?

There are many powerful tools at your disposal to make sure you are prepared. Make sure your site is ready for business by contacting us today!

Why Your Strategic Intervention Program Needs Faster Website Speeds

strategic intervention

Are you creating a website for your strategic intervention program?

According to DoubleClick, a subsidiary of Google, 53% of websites are abandoned by mobile users if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Now consider that mobile web browsing surpassed the desktop for the first time ever in October 2016.

Needless to say, your website’s speed matters. But what are some other reasons you need a higher speed website?

Read on to learn more about why your strategic intervention website needs to be fast.

Keep Traffic on Your Website

When you make your website easier to use, this can help you generate more traffic and keep it.

A faster loading website makes the browsing experience smoother. Combine that with offering high-quality content about your products or services and this can help you to create traffic.

Now imagine the alternative if your website doesn’t work that way.

A potential client visits your website to learn more about an intervention coach who is part of your program. They click on a link to learn more about him or her and there is a delay in page load time. Or worse yet, your website crashes altogether.

What will the would-be client do?

It’s likely they are headed back to Google or another search engine to find your competition’s website instead.

Downtime Creates Lost Revenue Opportunities

When you have a slow website, it can cost you money. Especially if your website goes down altogether!

In August 2013, Amazon’s website went down for approximately half an hour and based on 2012’s net sales figures, cost the company over $66,000 per minute.

By keeping your website up and running (and fast), you can avoid some of these financial concerns. You can also focus on creating unique content to help others learn more about your program.

SEO Matters

Fast website speeds help you improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). In short, SEO is a way to help your site rank higher in search engine results.

And this matters for your business.

According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of online experiences begin by using a search engine.

These search engines use crawlers — programs that visit websites and read content for use in search results. When you have faster load times for your web pages, these crawlers browse your pages more easily.

One Chance to Make a First Impression

In today’s digital age, a website is often your first (and maybe only) opportunity to speak directly to a client through your content.

Your business makes a strong first impression by having a website that runs smoothly and loads quickly while offering quality content.

You have likely spent countless hours developing the products and services your business offers. Be sure to take the same approach when it comes to your website design too.

Wrapping Up: Fast Strategic Intervention Websites

By presenting your website in a professional manner with quick load times, you increase the likelihood that visitors stay on your page and learn more about your program.

Speed up your website and help make it a destination for people who want to learn more about your strategic intervention program.