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What Role Can AI Play in Your Social Media Campaign?

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Technology has changed everything about how companies approach marketing. Now, it’s all but impossible to run a business without an e-commerce strategy.

The Internet gives marketers new ways to distribute advertisements. They can also target specific populations. Also, with social media, companies can develop relationships with customers and build their brand.

More than 75% of all American adults use social media. This makes it great resources for companies to reach new customers.

That said, building an effective social media campaign is complex and time-consuming. To make connections with customers, marketers must produce a large amount of high-quality content. They also need to determine where to share that content to make the best impact.

Luckily, advances in technology have made social media marketing easier than ever before. New Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can help you automate and streamline your social media campaign.

Let’s a closer look at how you can use AI to take your social media strategy to the next level.

A Brief History of AI in Marketing

Marketers have been using AI tools to optimize their marketing campaigns for a while. Marketers use AI to scale actions that would take much longer for humans to complete.

For instance, a computer program can use data about consumers’ online activity to create customer profiles. This information can help marketers learn more about what makes their customers tick.

Marketers can also use AI to automate repetitive tasks. Marketers can use a software that automatically schedules such updates. This is much more efficient than manually sending emails.

Automating these kinds of activities opens up more time for marketers to focus on more specialized activities.

Using AI for your Social Media Campaigns

So, how do marketers use these AI features to optimize their social media campaigns? There are a few ways.

AI software can analyze the social media activity of customers in your target market. This data can show your company what social media platforms your customers use and when they use them.

For instance, let’s say that your target market includes men between the ages of 18-34. Social media AI may be able to determine that this demographic displays a spike in social media activity on Friday mornings. This information can be helpful in determining how to schedule your posts.

You can also use AI to automate your social media posts, just like you would with an email newsletter.

In addition to using social media to schedule posts, you can use it to analyze your campaigns’ effectiveness. This information can allow software to predict the effectiveness of a particular post or type of content.

Target your Social Media Campaign at a Geographic Area

Social media is a great way to communicate with individuals across the globe. That said, you can also target your social media campaign targeted at a specific territory.  This is an effective way of reaching specific consumer populations.

This is especially important for small businesses, which operate in a smaller geographic region. There’s no need to scale a campaign for the whole world if simply social media marketing Minneapolis would do.

AI tools can also gather information about where your customers are. They do this by accessing tracking information.

This can help you learn where your customers tend to be when they interact with your content. You can also use this information to send messages targeted at customers in a certain physical location.

Tailor Marketing Efforts to Specific Customers

AI can help marketers build consumer profiles based on demographics. This allows marketers to predict their customer’s behavior, and create a targeted social media campaign.

Another great feature of AI is that it can even help marketers tailor their campaigns to specific customers. Marketers can use AI technology to track the social media activity of certain customers.

For instance, AI can help marketers track what social media content a particular customer is engaging with. Marketers can use this information to determine what kind of special offers and incentives to send to that customer.

You can even track a user’s individual clicks. This can help marketers understand what kind of content most interests that customer. With this data, you can create customized content that is more likely to interest individual customers.

The Future of AI in Social Media

AI technology is still in its infancy. There are many potential advances that will make marketer’s abilities with AI even more powerful.

For instance, consider Facebook’s face-recognition technology. Marketers may one day be able to use this technology to target a specific customer standing in front of a digital ad on at a mall, or at a bus stop.

Knowing When to Add a Human Touch

While AI can streamline many aspects of a social media campaign, it can’t entirely replace the human element. At least not yet.

Remember that the first word in social media is “social.” For the most part, people use social media to have authentic human interactions.

For this reason, users can be easily turned off by feeling advertised to on social media. Overdoing it with social media automation can seem inauthentic, or even creepy to customers.

Relying on AI can be counterproductive on particular social media platforms. Their algorithms could be designed to identify “inorganic” activity. If this is the case, using too much automation could affect the way users see your content.

The trick is to strike the right balance. AI can be helpful for automating posts that are updates or reminders. It can also be helpful for determining the best times for a human to log on to social media to interact with customers.

You can also use AI to identify what kinds of content are most successful with customers. Or, you can track which users are most likely to respond to personal outreach, and prioritize those interactions. This approach ensures that marketers can make the most of their time when using social media.

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your social media campaign or optimize your SEO strategy, contact us. We can help your company craft an effective e-commerce strategy to increase your profitability.