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How To Increase Traffic And Leads To Your Real Estate Website

Website Tips and Tricks

Increasing traffic to your real estate website is crucial if you want more exposure, and most importantly, more sales! Here are a couple of tips on how to get people looking at your site!

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

It’s 2017. Most people browse the internet on their smartphones or tablets. In fact, it’s been proven that mobile web usage has overtaken desktop for the first time.

More than ever you need to make sure your website layout and design is compatible with mobile devices and doesn’t jumble up on a small mobile screen.

There’s even more incentive to ensure your website is mobile-friendly now too, with Google favoring mobile friendly websites in its search algorithm and penalizing those that aren’t.

Many of your customers will view your website on mobile devices.

By going mobile-friendly, not only will you be increasing your chances of being favored by the Google algorithm, but your customers will thank you for giving them the best web-browsing experience possible!

Get The Most Out Of Multimedia

Multimedia content such as photos, videos and animations are key engagement points on any website, especially when it comes to real estate.

Being able to window shop the beautiful homes you have on offer is the first step for customers.

Whether you’re selling real estate Beverly Hills CA or Akron OH, display your properties in the best possible light and take advantage of using beautiful pictures and videos.

Include video tours if possible for potential buyers who can’t make a house viewing.

House tours and testimonials are a great way for buyers to make a connection with their prospective home online and cement their decision to buy and build a trustworthy image of you and your brand or company.

Create A Blog

Why not create a blog to go along with your website? It’s one of the easiest SEO tactics there is and it’s so often overlooked. Don’t underestimate the importance of a blog in increasing page views.

On your blog, you can cover topics related to buying and selling real estate, as well as moving tips. With topics your customers can relate to, readers will share and link to your page through social media.

You could even write blog posts centered around particular houses you’re selling to generate interest.

Your blog will not only get people to your website and increase traffic but will improve your local SEO efforts.

Update Your Directories!

This one may seem obvious, but keeping your contact information up to date is such a simple part of staying on people’s radars.

Make sure your information is out there. On Yelp, in the yellow pages, Zillow, – anywhere that is relevant.

Join The Social Media Circus

Social media is one of the strongest tools in your SEO arsenal. It’s also the best way to engage with potential clients and share information about the properties you have on offer.

Social media sites give you the ability to answer any queries promptly and openly and help keep the company relevant while also keeping customers informed.

Facebook and Twitter are the big two, but there’s a hefty visual component to selling real estate. Give Instagram a shot. It’s the perfect place to share snippets of house tours and photos of your properties.

The possibilities are endless, so get creative and get those much-needed page views to advertise and expand your business!