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How to ‘Wow’ Users With Social Marketing Campaigns

Website Tips and Tricks

It should come as no surprise that social media has grown a lot over the years. Over half the population reports using social media! With such a vast reach, social media has incredible potential when it comes to marketing strategies.

Are you interested in harnessing this potential to bring money to your business? Read below to find out how to create amazing social marketing campaigns to grow your business!

Know Your Target Audience with Social Marketing Campaigns

Be sure to know your exact target audience when planning your marketing strategy. Jumping in straight away can lead to unfocused ads and ultimately no gains in customers.

By knowing who you want to see the ads, you can create specific content that will draw them in. For example, use house sales and images to draw people in that are looking to buy a house.

Knowing your goals goes hand in hand with knowing your audience. Knowing your campaign goals will make the steps you need to take clear. Start from these and work backward.

Think about things like audience reach, engagement, increase in followers, and sales.

Have Great Visual Content

Consider investing in professional web design so your website will have content that is attractive to your customers. This is crucial as visual content tends to be shared more than anything else.

Try out infographics. These can incorporate both brand images and statistics about your business.

While great content is important, it is also important to ensure your website has a functional layout that is easy to navigate.

Pay Attention to Metrics

Your social marketing campaigns will not succeed if nobody sees the content you have worked so hard for. Know when it’s the best time to post for specific audiences.

Posts can do better on one platform such as Twitter at one time and better hours later on Facebook. Experiment and find what works best for your content!

Use Existing Consumers to Persuade Others

As part of your social media campaigns, try to incorporate a suggested review process. Do this when someone buys your product and is satisfied. This will help convince new customers to buy your product.

An easy way to get this started is to start a brand hashtag. This will encourage people to post photos or reviews. That will then be visible to many people.

Consider a Giveaway

Consider hosting a giveaway where users must provide their information to enter. This is a simple way to increase traffic. It also helps gain valuable information on potential clients.

Platforms like Instagram allow you to easily set up a contest or giveaway. By using a bunch of hashtags in the contest post, the post will be seen by people that don’t even follow your business!

Don’t forget to try generic hashtags like #contest and #prize too!

So now you’ve learned how to wow users with your social marketing campaigns. What are you waiting for? Go get social!