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Gain Clientele: How to Optimize Your Accounting Site

Website Tips and Tricks

It can be hard to get your website noticed. With so many new sites going up every day, how do you make yours rise above the rest? How can you attract more customers to your site if there are so many others like it?

The answer can be easier than you think.

Optimizing your website is the first step in making your website more accessible and visible to your potential clients. From there, you’ll be able to build up your site even more until you see the growth you want.

We’ll take you through some steps in learning how to best optimize your accounting website.

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Steps For the Best Website Optimization

1. Good Use of Relevant Keywords

Using keywords effectively is one of the best ways to sharing your accounting site and the content you offer to as many people as possible. You should select a couple of really good keywords that encompass what your company is about.

You’ll want to have keywords that can slip into your content naturally so that no one even knows you’re using them at all.

2. Content is the Star

You can make a gorgeous website with all of the bells and whistles. But, at the end of the day, you need to keep your customers entertained and wanting more.

The only way you can effectively do that is by offering them solid and high-quality content that they can only get from you. Share success stories with them, or tell them about a great tax software. Maybe offer helpful articles that explain a lot of common accounting mistakes.

As important as links, keywords, and web design all are, the content should always be your main concern. Once you have that in place, then you can worry about everything else.

3. Make Good Use of Descriptions and Title Tags

This means those HTML codes at the top of a website page. You’ll also have a little section for a small description of the page.

This is a great place to fully explain your page and the content within, while also being able to use your keywords so that search engines will be able to track your website and have it show up in search results.

4. Include Social Media

You should make use of all relevant social media networks that you can. With their growing popularity and billions of users, you can’t let such a great marketing opportunity pass you by.

Let your customers know where they can find you on all of the social medias that you use.

5. Build Up Internal Links

A great way to optimize your website is by linking back to relevant articles that you have written in the past. This can help keep a customer on your page for longer and helps give your website better optimization.

For example, let’s say you use the word “tax reform” in a sentence during an article you’re writing. You could link those two words back to a previous article you’ve done that’s all about tax reform.

Make sure not to make a link out of a whole sentence, though. A couple of words will do the trick. Always be certain to use links that make sense, too!

A Calculated Opportunity

A lot of these steps involve Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) strategies in order to get the most out of your website.

We’ve explained several key points, but it’s a good idea to research about SEO to really get the best results. The more you know about how search engines can find you, the better you’ll be able to utilize that information for your company.

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